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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 01:06:33 -0500
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Mineral Point is the largest town East of Livingston and a big town for
tourists to visit and stay in for surrounding tourist attractions. They used
it basically in the article since most people in Wisconsin, nor in Illinois,
nor Iowa have any idea where Livingston is since it only has 697 people or
so and certainly no one in the rest of the US or outside the US have ever
heard of Livingston, Wisconsin. I have friends that I visited in Iowa
county, the county where Mineral Pt. is, for 15 years and never heard of
it, but have been through Mineral Point.

I could tell you were Alice Springs is at in Australia and Mt. Fuji is in
Japan and where the Seychelles and The Maldives are, but no idea where
Livingston is if I hadn't heard of it since April 14th.

 Livingston and the surrounding area is a spot on the road if you ask the
guys that are out there. They go up to Dodgeville to get gas even. The
article used it as a reference point since that entire Southwest corner of
Wisconsin is mostly farmland, grazing and some woods. The specimen the man
is holding looks exactly like all the other specimens that have been found
this past week, about 2 dozen, roughly. Madison WI is the largest town in
the area where the University of Wisconsin is, the largest university in the
area. Racine, Wisconsin is a smaller city along Lake Michigan just south of
Milwaukee. It could be worth a couple of thousand USDs depending on how much
is found and the demand for this meteorite.
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