[meteorite-list] mercury escape numbers? can it be this?

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Yes and know. I am not looking at escape veolcity but a highly epilicitcal orbit whose middle values could be say inside the orbit of Venus yet extend out to Earth becuase of its Elipitcal natture.
So average value is say venus or even closer?


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Hi Rex,

Escape velocity depends on the mass of the planet, not it's orbital parameters.

Maybe I don't understand your question. Is this what you are asking?


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> I don't post much.
> I did not do the math. (my calculus has not been used much for many many years.
> would not if you had a highly highly elliptical orbit not have to have the full sun escape velocity as it could do the whip around gravitational boost effect from the sun.
> also would a highly elliptical orbit have less of a escape velocity?
> the second part could be wrong but the first one is always a possibility. (at least in my mind) :)
> -Rex Scates
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> "But what about Mercury. Mercury's escape velocity is 4.3 km/s. But
>> it's downstream from Earth and the Sun is a huge gravitational drain
>> plug that devours material. If you think Earth gets a piece of Mars,
>> imagine what the Sun gets from Mercury. To escape the Sun ... that is
>> to go upstream towards Earth, at Mercury, any fragment would have to
>> battle an escape velocity of 67.7 km/s. That's greater than Jupiter !
>> You might say ... ok, you don't have to actually escape the Sun, only
>> make it from Mercury to Earth. Well, at Earth, the escape velocity is
>> 42 km/s from the Sun. That's a loss of 25 km/s ... and don't forget
>> the extra 4.3 km/s to get away from Mercury as well ..."
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