[meteorite-list] Mercury Meteorites - the short list

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Thanks Doug,
You can add Mike Zolensky to the list. He drives a Saturn too.
(or did just a few years ago).
Maybe Saturn should have made a deal with NASA, and they would still be in
business now!
Anne M. Black
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Hello Bill,

Reminds me of Anne Black's Saturn. Mercury's (Mercur's) are all locked
up in garages and junkyards as of 2011, and Saturn's were re-accreted
in 2010. Seems like celestially named vehicles just have bad luck when
it comes to staying power. The Hyundai Tucson name is still around for
the moment ... I guess people identify their automobile more with local
traffic jams, ripping up the environment, and non-sensical alphanumeric
suffixes than rockets and road trips around the solar system ...

Kindest wishes

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"5. Mercury Meteor (parent body Mercury or Ford?)"

I nominate the 64 Caliente. Parent body Mercury of course. My first
acquisition :)

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