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Ed - how foolish to fall into that trap of being an organism on earth
saying what is the highest life forms on earth are - no doubt including
humans. That's like saying whoever drops the nuclear bomb is the most
smartest, most advanced on the Earth. The highest life form on earth
is God and He will send the comet when He is not pleased with what he
sees, so best not to offend Him.

...if, you don't believe in Him in the sense of a life form, plants
will have a good chance of surviving because of higher life form
characteristics than e.g. humans have.

For example, when his sidekick Broccoli Boy was sawed in many pieces by
Oven Mitten Woman, listen to how Arabidopsis Man explains todipotency
-a characteristic if a higher life form that I don't see around here
... not to mention that many so-called "higher life forms", come in
predominantly male and female forms and waste the best part of their
lives partying and fornicating instead of dedicating themselves to
whatever other novo-productive things higher life forms are doing. A
higher life form would be might be androdioecious and many of them will
survive the catastrophe!



Kindest wishes

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Well now, that's a comforting thought: If the next big one hits and
extincts all
higher life forms on Earth, it will also bring with it the components
to start
life over again and give it another chance here.

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