[meteorite-list] More evidence of building blocks of DNA inmeteorites

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But the nucleobases found in the meteorite
are of BOTH optical isomers -- right- and left-
handed molecules -- or so the video says. if
they were from terrestrial contamination,
they would be only the Earthly orientation.

The point is that not only amino acids are being
produced in space a-biotically but so are common
nucleobases, ready to be assembled.

It's not like getting DNA from space --- it's like
getting a box of pre-fitted ladder rungs so you
can build your own ladder.

Sterling K. Webb
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> Hello fellow Listerians:
> It's hype, just like the sketchy arsenic-based life forms and the
> imaginary Martian fossils. First off when you say DNA, most people
> think of a biotic double helix just like we have in the nuclei of our
> cells. Components of DNA is an entirely different thing, like maybe a
> little bit of a rung from the DNA ladder. And the same nucleobases
> plus some hypoxanthine and xanthine were found in the surrounding ice
> and soil samples near the other meteorites. Sounds a lot like
> terrestrial contamination. Maybe the analog compounds were present or
> created at impact, but it sure sounds like the other stuff seeped in
> while the meteorites lay there for how long? I mean c'mon the exact
> same compounds? What are the chances of that? They've got to stop
> crying wolf all the time, it's getting old.
> Phil Whitmer
> Joshua Tree Earth& Space Museum
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