[meteorite-list] Question for dealers - accepting foreign checks in the US

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>It can be done, but watch out. In Kentucky, they can hold the funds for 90
>days (and will blame everyone else for it) while they use YOUR money for

    Speaking of Kentucky, at 5:41 AM August 7 there was an exceptionally bright bolide witnessed by me
just south of Louisville, to the north at 20 degrees NNW. I thought, that might just have been barely bright enough to produce a
small meteorite. At a truck stop, I asked if anyone else had seen it, hoping to note in which direction from their locations so that I could get a triangulation and zip to that neighborhood for a look-see.
But people don't look up much anymore I guess; no bites. So I continued back to Ohio.
    Anyway, to the financial thread on the table, suppose I deposit a foreign check. Regardless of the stupid hold-em games banks play, how long
is it before I can be reallt really really sure the check really really really cleared? We are talking about objective reality, not bankspeak.

Francis Graham
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