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Hello List,

I made a recent trip an hour north of my house with three other hunters to search the location listed in the MetSoc Bulletin for Sonny Clary's rare CM1 find.

The coordinates published put the finds location in the near center of a fifty lot residential sub-division in Overton, Nevada. To be more precise, in some homeowners side yard at the SW corner of Vista View and Cave Ave. Of course, we we decided not to bother the folks and didn't hunt the sub-division.

My questions are. Was the find really made there..in that sub-division, or are the coordinates incorrect in the Bulletin...and if so, was this done on purpose? If intentional, another question begs to be asked. Is science served by misleading coordinates being submitted and knowingly published? And further, what would motivate the person who submits erroneous information.

Count Deiro
IMCA 3536

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>Hi All,
>I have listed 3 large slices and the main mass of Moapa Valley on my
>web site for sale. These three pieces will be the only large slices for
>sale. Moapa Valley is the only CM1 available to collectors world wide.
>Don't miss out on a unique opportunity to add a truly rare meteorite to
>your collection. Moapa Valley is the first CM1 recovered in the United
>States, with a TKW of 699 grams. It has been described as ?One of
>the most important US finds ever, and rarer than any Lunar or Martian
>finds. Material of this classification is almost unattainable.?
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