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Sorry if this is a stupid question but none of the other pallasites in the bulletin show their data this same way.
looking at this data . What does it mean when it says;
mg/g etc...
Is this milligrams divided by grams?
What would the percentage be put in a way that it can be compared with the way others are reported?
Geochemistry: Compositional data: Co 6.0 mg/g; Ni 79 mg/g; Ga 24 ?g/g; Ge ~80 ?g/g; As 29 ?g/g; Ir 0.50 ?g/g; Au 2.39 ?g/g. Data are the mean of duplicate determinations. The composition of the metal differs in detail from other pallasites. For example, the Ir concentration is 0.50 ug/g, with the nearest relative Seymchan at 0.67 ?g/g and Barcis at 0.32 ?g/g.
Classification: On element-Au diagrams, Conception Junction plots distinctly lower than most PMG on Ni and Cu and above most PMG on Co, Ga, As, and Ir diagrams; it is therefore classified as PMG-anomalous (PMG-an). Its Ni and Cu contents are the lowest known for PMG. Its nearest PMG-an neighbor on most diagrams is Krasnojarsk. The low Ni and high Co could reflect unrepresentative sampling of kamacite and taenite but these are the means of two replicates.

Thank you.



---- Laurence Garvie <lgarvie at cox.net> wrote:
> For those that are interested, Conception Junction was approved today.
> see
> www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=53877
> Laurence
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