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Hear! Hear! Walter,

Well and truly put... This man is the biggest blight on the sale of meteorites in Colorado of anyone who has come down the pike.

My sympathies....and shared frustration,

Count Deiro
IMCA 3536

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>Why would you suggest that Montrose Altrusa would get involved in
>arbitrating the Curry phony meteorite controversy? Sandra Lee Tyler is
>simply a member of Altrusa, and she has a "position" on their Yearbook
>Committee. Montrose Altrusa has nothing to do with Steve Curry's "charities"
>and "scientific" organizations. Your suggestion that Montrose Altrusa would
>have anything to do with these "meteorite" sales (like the ICMA) is silly.
>Why would they?
>And you mention that you haven't seen any of these Curry "meteorites." Well,
>here is some of the crap that he is personally selling...
>... and if you have been reading the thread on Curry, you will realize that
>he has managed to find other people and businesses in the Western part of
>the state of Colorado to start selling his junk, both on EBay and in brick
>and mortar stores. I say some of his junk in a rock shop just 3 weeks ago,
>in Cimarron, Colorado. The store owner wanted 3000 dollars for a 30 gram
>iron which looked like a cleaned Nantan. Curry's "certificate" claim the
>piece was park of the "Montrose Iron" fall, which of course doesn't exist.
>Since the meteorite list is for discussing meteorites, and it's not unusual
>for the topic of meteor wrongs to come up on the list, I don't know why you
>would complain about people using bandwidth to discuss Curry and his sludge?
>Maybe this doesn't idiot Curry doesn't effect you. But it's certainly a
>black spot on meteorite sellers and collectors, especially ones in Colorado.
>It's hard enough to sell real meteorites to the general public. Many are not
>even aware that private individuals can own such material, and when
>presented with a meteorite, many guffaw and claim "how did you get a real
>meteorite" or something similar. Last summer I had about 200 grams of UNWA's
>in a display at a very popular rock shop up here in the Colorado Rockies, a
>shop frequented by a lot of summer tourists, and we couldn't move a single
>gram, mainly because customers would scoff at them, claiming they can't be
>real. When I started collecting over 10 years ago, I was amazed that
>something as wonderful as a meteorite could actually be legally owned by
>People like Curry don't help the situation, not at any time. For me, this is
>local, for you, this is far removed. Maybe you would be more concerned, more
>interested if this guy was selling meteor wrongs and mislabeled material in
>your neighborhood?
>Just my two cents,
>Walter L. Newton
>Doug wrote...
>Since we only see one side of this dispute on the list, If you guys
>ever tire of sparring with Mr. Curry, why don't you just ask Ms. Sandra
>Lee, his very respected housemate (listed in the white pages at their
>same address) whether she can help you resolve your suspicions since
>she has responsibility in the matter as well.
>She apparently is a member of the large worldwide organization Altrusa,
>an NGO which is dedicated to community service for the betterment of
>the world and especially those less fortunate and I am sure they would
>take it upon themselves to set the record straight, much like the IMCA
>If you truly think there is something not right about the stones, Ms.
>Sandra can be reached at : LEETYLER6 at GMAIL.COM according to Mr.
>Curry's Colorado Charitable organization application in 2011,
>Google-able on the internet. But if the email doesn't work just call
>or email the Montrose Altrusa and I'm sure they'll offer to help out in
>any dispute among its members since as the Chairman/Treasurer of the
>Charitable organization Mr. Curry is working under, it is actually she
>who would be responsible for the money generated by the charitable
>meteorite sales, not Mr. Curry, who is simply the president, according
>Altrusa Montrose is at:
>However if you contact them and it turns out the rocks are authentic,
>you should publically apologize profusely. I haven't seen the stones,
>so actually I don't know anything about this dispute, but it is tying
>up a lot of bandwidth so that is my 2 centavos.
>Kindest wishes
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