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We display meteorites and meteor wrongs every month in Denver at the
Chamberlin Observatory Open House sponcered by the Denver Astronomical
Society. This is a long way from Montrose though.

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> Hi Walter,
>>People like Curry don't help the situation, not at any time. For me,
> this islocal, for you, this is far removed. Maybe you would be more
> concerned, moreinterested if this guy was selling meteor wrongs and
> mislabeled material inyour >neighborhood?Just my two cents,Walter L.
> Newton
> I have to agree with you, Steve Curry"s meteorites are bogus. I wonder if
> it would be helpful to focus attention towards educating the Colorado
> community. What about doing a few meteorite outreach programs in your
> community to help the public. You could also set up a meteorite display
> showing the difference between meteorites and meteor wrongs. This would
> help out tremendously.
> Sonny
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