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Definitely worth a try, but what can you present to show you own an NWA
official number as intellectual property.

Can a Nom Com official meteorite name be trademarked, and does anybody
own anything once it is published in the scientific literature? There
should be some marketing rights as you suggest, but I think they would
be limited to an argument of defamation of all authentic vendors of NWA
5K, in the sense of potentially libelous statements that are not
properly researched with the intent to draw sales away from NWA 5K, if
I understand your unwanted predicament. Come to think of it NWA 5K is
a trademarkable product, but probably not with the number 5000 which is
public domain. I have never seen a dealer trademark a meteorite in this
way, but why not? It would allow claims beyond the basics and in some
instance could be a useful marketing tool. At the moment, though, it
looks like NWA 5K is not trademarked, though this might give some
dealers ideas on how to distinguish their noteworthy products:


Walter - As I mentioned before I have nothing further to say in the
solutions department than already posted, and if that doesn't work for
you - good luck in finding something constructive to do that will solve
this problem that seems to have caused many unnecessary frustrations in
the meteorite community.


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Steve Curry showed up after watching too many meteorite TV shows which
mentioned by name in his auctions a few years ago.

 was about the same time some idiot sent me a "several million dollar"
spent CM1 toilet plunger in the mail against my will.? He even accused
me of pinching a few hundred grams for myself after I sent it back.?
What a
nightmare this guy was.

I think
everybody should report his fraudulent auctions at once to eBay.? A NOCI
 form will be filed soon because this freak has enough nerve to compare
his terrestrial trash to NWA 5K!

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