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Hi Adam,

I really don't understand what your point is with the CM1. You don't
see me
talking trash about your Lunars or any of your other meteorites.So
next time someone sends me a suspected Lunar I could compare it as a
wannabe achondrite, ( lunar feldspathic Breccia) toilet plug / Ford


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Steve Curry showed up after watching too many meteorite TV shows which
he mentioned by name in his auctions a few years ago.This was about the
same time some idiot sent me a "several million dollar" spent CM1
toilet plunger in the mail against my will.? He even accused me of
pinching a few hundred grams for myself after I sent it back.? What a
nightmare this guy was.I think everybody should report his fraudulent
auctions at once to eBay.? A NOCI form will be filed soon because this
freak has enough nerve to compare his terrestrial trash to NWA
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