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Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 12:38:47 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Sonny and List,

I am not trashing your CM1 at all.? I think it is a fantastic stone.

It is just that some idiot saw it on television and thought he had found a larger pairing to it.? He sent it to me unsolicited thinking he was the latest millionaire after watching Meteorite Men because of the overinflated prices given on the show.? It turned out to be an unidentifiable blob of soft material.? Somebody on the List suggested it looked like a tired old old toilet plunger.? I posted an image of it to the List.

These are the kind of crazy people that are attracted by large numbers thrown in front of the press.

Again, I think your CM1 is fantastic!

Best Regards,


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Hi Adam,

I really don't understand what your point is with the CM1. You don't see me
talking trash about your Lunars or any of your other meteorites.So
next time someone sends me a suspected Lunar I could compare it as a
wannabe achondrite, ( lunar feldspathic Breccia) toilet plug / Ford Block.


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Steve Curry showed up after watching too many meteorite TV shows which
he mentioned by name in his auctions a few years ago.This was about the
same time some idiot sent me a "several million dollar" spent CM1
toilet plunger in the mail against my will.? He even accused me of
pinching a few hundred grams for myself after I sent it back.? What a
nightmare this guy was.I think everybody should report his fraudulent
auctions at once to eBay.? A NOCI form will be filed soon because this
freak has enough nerve to compare his terrestrial trash to NWA
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