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From: Chris Spratt <cspratt_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 10:17:40 -0800
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For a foreign body such as a meteorite to lodge itself into a tree
without breaking the tree into pieces would be a feat in itself. The
Moss meteorite, a carbonaceous chondrite, reportedly broke off three
limbs(?) off a plum tree. ( I assume "limbs" meant small branches).

Anyway, for an iron meteorite to actually lodge itself into a tree
without smashing the tree to pieces would indicate to me that the tree
must have been very large in itself to withstand the impact. Recovery
would be slow and the scar damage would last for many years. So a "ring
count" should be much more than 47.

One time a tree crew of mine, hit the hub of a wagon wheel, which had
been left in a tree crotch for some reason. Over many years (at least
50+) the tree enclosed the hub and when the tree was cut down, the hub
revealed itself by shattering the chain of the chain saw. That tree, an
elm, was very large and nearly 150 years old. ( I Iost count at about
150 growth rings).

Over the years, we found iron and steel pieces imbedded inside trees.
All were very old trees, mostly elms, and none bore any evidence on
the outside of any damage or "enclosure", at least until the tree was
cut down and cut up for firewood.

For many years, I had a tree trunk section with an iron fence post
which had been completely enclosed by the tree. I should have kept it,
but that section weighed a ton! I did keep it, for a while as a demo,
for "safety lectures" to warn tree removal operators what to expect.

So looking if you are for meteorites in a tree, look for a fairly old
tree, that could have taken the hit without falling to pieces..

Chris. Spratt
Victoria, BC
Received on Wed 12 Jan 2011 01:17:40 PM PST

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