[meteorite-list] A Meteorite fall site goes under the bulldozer-Hammer Stone! urgent

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Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2011 05:40:46 -0500
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Hello Marc, Dirk and all,

I agree with you that it's very sad that there may be no more meteorites
found in this area and the developers don't give a damn about it, nor anyone
apparently buying a property there. Maybe if someone builds a swimming pool
they will discover a long buried piece and realize it's not a common rock.
Home prices range from a very small home at an average $300,000.00 USD which
is very common for Orange County to $10 Million dollar homes and ranchettes.

It's not a community that cares about meteorites, being in southern Orange
County, not far from the ocean and just north of San Diego County in
Southern California. They are more focused on building homes than allowing
anyone to search for meteorites, plus they won't take the insurance risk.

Look up real estate prices at www.realtor.com and look under Wikipedia for
general information about the city.


San Juan Capistrano is known for its cliff swallows. The protected birds are
reputed to return from migration, traditionally originating in the town of
Goya, Argentina, on St. Joseph's Day (March 19).

The town is in heavily conservative and republican Orange County. They
really don't care at all about meteorites, it's sad to say, but just about
making money. Remember it's called "Orange" county, because it was once full
of orange groves, which have disappeared over the years to build homes.

In the state legislature San Juan Capistrano is located in the 38th Senate
District, represented by Republican Mark Wyland, and in the 73rd Assembly
District, represented by Republican Diane Harkey. Federally, San Juan
Capistrano is located in California's 44th and 48th congressional districts,
which have Cook PVIs of R +6 and R +8 respectively[3] and is represented by
Republicans Ken Calvert and John Campbell respectively. As of the 2010
elections, the city council members are: Sam Allevato (Mayor), Laura Freese,
Larry Kramer (Mayor Pro Tem), John Taylor, and Derek Reeve.

This city also has four private, Christian, college prep schools named
Capistrano Valley Christian Schools (Pre-K through 12th grade), Saddleback
Valley Christian School (Pre-K through 12th grade), St. Margaret's Episcopal
School (also Pre-K through 12th grade), and J. Serra Catholic High School
(9th through 12th grade).
The city also has two private kindergarten through eighth grade schools
named Mission Parish School and Rancho Capistrano Christian School. Mission
Parish School is located on the historic Mission grounds, utilizes some of
the historic buildings as classrooms, and is situated next to Mission
Basilica San Juan Capistrano. The other is Rancho Capistrano Christian
School, located off Highway 5 on the Crystal Cathedral's south campus. The
campus at Rancho Capistrano is also host to meetings and conventions, as
well as summer camps.

Hope this gives those of you unfamiliar with Orange County some insight into
why the city and the county aren't interested in meteorites, like we are.

Take care,


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From: drtanuki <drtanuki at yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] A Meteorite fall site goes under the
bulldozer - Hammer Stone! urgent
To: Marc Fries <mfries8 at hotmail.com>,
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Dear Marc,
Thank you for your urgent plea. The list may be unaware that this is
California`s ONLY known HAMMER Meteorite and thus more "important" for
San Juan Capistrano
Capt. Blood does your ship have a crew???

MetSocBul entry

San Juan Capistrano H6
Place of fall: San Juan Capistrano, California, U.S.A.
33?29'05"N, 117?39'45"W.
Date of fall: March 15, 1973, between midnight and 0400, Pacific Standard
Class and type: Stone. Olivine-bronzite chondrite (H6).
Number of individual specimens: 2
Total weight: 56g
Circumstances of fall: The largest piece, 50.5 g, penetrated the aluminum
sheeting roof of a carport in a mobile-home park and was picked up on the
carport floor several hours later. The second smaller fragment, 5.5 g, was
discovered about one month after the fall in the gutter of the carport roof.
Source: R. C. Finkel, D. Lal and K. Marti. 1973. Cosmicray record in the San
Juan Capistrano meteorite. Meteoritics 8, 365.

Best Regards, Dirk Ross...Tokyo

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> From: Marc Fries <mfries8 at hotmail.com>
> Subject: [meteorite-list] CA Meteorite fall site goes under the bulldozer
> To: meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com
> Date: Thursday, June 2, 2011, 9:31 AM
> Howdy all
> ? ? This isn't new news at this point, but the
> site of the San Juan Capistrano meteorite fall is on its way
> to becoming a "172 acre mixed use development".? I've
> tried repeatedly to contact the developers and ask for
> permission to search for meteorites on the ground they
> clear, to no avail. I offered my time for free so they could
> donate any meteorites I found to local schools and what-not,
> but they're not buying. The last time I called the secretary
> put me straight to voicemail. In case anyone else would like
> to try their hand at this, here's the company doing the
> bulldozing:
> http://advancedonline.com/ares/
> ? ? Look under "current projects" for "The
> Meadows at San Juan Capistrano".? They will be (already
> are?) clearing land adjacent to the trailer park where the
> only pieces of SJC were recovered. Here's a Google Map
> centered on the Meteoritical Society database coords for the
> fall:
> http://tinyurl.com/3q5oaxa
> ? ? This development has met some resistance in
> the local community and was covered extensively by the local
> media.? I do wonder how it would go over if the media
> were made aware that this development will probably bury
> meteorites from one of only two California falls.
> Cheers,
> Marc Fries
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