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Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 18:13:33 -0700 (PDT)
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NWA001 is a single stone just over a kilo. It was part of a very will mixed group of meteorites that was sold by retired meteorite dealer Michael casper. I cut NWA001 all up mostly into slices (Except for a 160 gram endpiece which I believe that Adam Hupe ended up with that was once the main mass but I believe that he cut it up and sold on ebay in pieces).
I guess theoritically some parts of that end piece could look something like a half stone if it is flat enough but to call it a half stone seems to be stretching it. Maybe send me a photo and I can say if such a shape is possible to be from the original stone..
But otherwise there is no such thing as a half stone of NWA001. I still have a third of it somewhere so the total amount in collectors hands is well under a kilo. The biggest piece possibly remaining is the 160 something odd gram (I cant remember exactly the size) piece that Adam once had (Or possibly still has) and very little of it wasnt cut into slices (And from there mostly into smaller ebay size pieces).
AMUNRE on Ebay

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> I just bought a "half stone" of NWA
> 001 and not thinking because i was
> desperate to get more if i acted in haste and didn't
> question anything
> about it..but i just realized something it only wieghs 16
> grams..
> isn't NWA 001 all cut up and from a 1.2 kg single piece..
> my friend is
> the one who classified it and i checked with him and he
> said as far as
> he knows no other pieces have been found of it just the
> original 1.2kg
> piece.. so can anybody tell me if it is possible to have a
> half stone
> NWA 001 that weighs 16 grams??? any information about this
> that could
> help me as the person i am dealing with is an IMCA member
> and makes me
> wonder about its legitimacy.. i could be wrong but it
> doesn't make
> sense to me with the information i have right now.. any
> feedback would
> be appreciated.
> Daniel Furlan
> collector and dealer
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