[meteorite-list] Buyers BEWARE!!!!

From: Dan Furlan <danfurlan_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 13:07:13 -0400
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One more thing, I just went and checked ALL this sellers items, and he
still has some of the same mounts listed at .024 grams which is 24mg
 So he hasn't actually changed all his listings and is still selling
the same mounts with the wrong weights stated.. I know for sure
because i busted open a few of these mounts and weighed them on my
diamond scale and they weighed 7mg. a lot smaller then stated in the


Daniel Furlan

On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 12:46 PM, Dan Furlan <danfurlan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Excuse me? i highly doubt expecting to get what i pay for is being
> unreasonable.
> Daniel Furlan
> On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 12:06 PM, MexicoDoug <mexicodoug at aim.com> wrote:
>> Hi Dan
>> Your seller states:
>> "Authenticity Guaranteed and backed up by a 100% money back no questions
>> asked return policy."
>> Why not try to work the problem out first before airing dirty laundry in
>> public? I don't know the guy, but your expecting $333/gram material while
>> he's faced with the costs and having to make those nice cases and sell 42 of
>> them per gram without a mg of waste, pay eBay and PayPal - sounds like you
>> were being very unreasonable in your expectation, wholesale or not. Please
>> don't take this the wrong way, a deal IS a deal. If there is a problem run
>> from the deal to the fullest extent of your rights.
>> ... You're right, there may be a hundred victims out there, although your
>> message seems more irate about your personal dealing, likely to be caused by
>> a copy paste of ebay auctions and has been corrected in all present
>> auctions. Given the sentimental value I place on the Moon I am profoundly
>> disappointed that we are faced with this for such revered treasures. I don't
>> know the guy; I'm just ready for the funny-farm. Sorry for the first class
>> rant.
>> Best wishes
>> Doug
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>> Subject: [meteorite-list] Buyers BEWARE!!!!
>> Hello all, unfortunately I have found another person on ebay who is
>> selling underweight lunar and martian material. His ebay ID is
>> spaceterrain4sale and his first name is Ariel. He is advertising his
>> mounts at 24mg each at the time i purchased.. i purchased a whole
>> bunch from him for around 8.00 each thinking he was an honest seller
>> and i liked the display cases they came in. When i got the items they
>> looked very small... I decided to break open one of the mounts and
>> weigh it on my diamond scale. IT ONLY WEIGHS 7 MG and this was the
>> biggest piece.. if you are bidding on any of his items make sure you
>> understand he is misleading people in the weight he is stating. his
>> ebay ID is spaceterrain4sale just to let everybody know. I am talking
>> to him now about getting a refund for all the mounts i bought another
>> meteorite dealer ripping people off on ebay.. what a waste.. if he
>> doesn't agree to refund me my money i will open a claim against him
>> with paypal... i noticed on his new listings he is not stating the
>> weight anymore but I am talking about the items i purchased and the
>> listings at the time of when i purchased the items.. please beware of
>> this guy.
>> Daniel Furlan
>> dealer and collector
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