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I get so excited about it, I even mis-spell my own last name.....

-Richard Montgomery (this time is correct!)

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> Hi List,
> While the 'heat-tile' subject is still 'hot' and since our beloved fleet
> nears the end of its 'scheduled missions' I offer a story, and invite
> others after this:
> (Stick with my personal indulgences along the way...especially those of us
> have music in common....they will pay off!)
> START: back when I witnessed the hand-helf Heat-Tile firing with the
> acetalyne torch (1978-80?), at a party, I was a guitarist in a 5x
> bluegrass band: Steve, a banjo guy, but this time playing bass; Buzz,
> another guitarist; Dave, banjo-player extrodinaire; and me, newbe guitar
> guy.
> MIDDLE: One day, between tunes, we all sat around and shared our future
> passions....Buzz said he wanted to be a software designer in Silicon
> Valley after he finished his electrical engineering degree (we were all at
> UCDavis); Dave wanted to go on to be accepted for his Masters somewhere
> and be a farm advisor; I wanted to continue studying guitar and somehow
> be David Grisman's guitar player, following Tony Rice and Mark O'Connor in
> the role (good luck, me!); and Steve said he wanted to be an astronaut.
> This was in 1978......Really?!!!
> All of us achieved our goals...Buzz, yes; Dave, yes; Me yes....and.....
> Steve Robinson....banjo-player extrodinaire....yet more noteably known for
> his stellar Mission Specialty trips up to the Space Shuttle. (Those of
> you in the know, KNOW!) I captured the DVR from the NASA-channel,
> watching my music pal inspecting the tiles in zero gravity....
> How cool is that!!!
> -Richard Montgoemry
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