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From: Greg Hupé <gmhupe_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 13:47:01 -0400
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Dear List Members,

I announced a 'most intriguing' New Ungrouped Achondrite earlier this
morning, Northwest Africa 6704. Please find below a listing of what is
currently available. Concerning pricing, I asked a few people what they
thought this meteorite should be priced at considering the special
characteristics it holds;
1) Ungrouped and Scientifically important.
2) Numerous bubble trains that are currently under analysis to see if there
is still any gases trapped within some.
3) Very fresh and attractive matrix.
4) Rare minerals such as Awaruite and Very High nickel content in the metal

A price range of $100-150.00 per gram was suggested for polished slices but
I decided I wanted to offer NWA 6704 at a deeply discounted price to List
Members. I will be offering it for less than half that amount for my initial
public offering here. If future analysis identifies trapped gases or even
'atmosphere' from the parent body, you can be sure I will be raising prices
in the future. Along with the steeply discounted Special price, I am also
going to include a Free Gift that you will see at the end of the specimen
list below.

NWA 6704 has a very dense matrix which polishes to a high luster, making for
a very collectible meteorite. After cutting, polishing, providing type
samples and preserving the majority in a single main mass, there is a
limited amount available to collectors and museums. Each professionally
prepared specimen comes with a color ID card from The Hup? Collection and
will be shipped in a plastic display case, Riker-style box or Gem Jar,
depending on size of specimen, larger fragments will be shipped without
display case.

Available Specimens (14 slices, 1 end cut, 26 fragments and 1 Main Mass):

20.03g Slice
75mm x 44mm x 2mm

19.26g Slice
71mm x 40 x 2mm

19.2g Slice
71mm x 36mm x 2mm

18.92g (This slice is the only one that has been stabilized with removable
adhesive to see how it looked)
74mm x 47mm x 2mm

18.1g Slice
76mm x 41mm x 2mm

17.98g Slice
72mm x 40mm x 2mm

16.93g Slice
65mm x 48mm x 2mm

15.78g Slice
64mm x 46mm x 2mm

15.74g Slice
70mm x 47mm x 2mm

15.67g Slice
72mm x 38mm x 2mm

14.5g Slice
71mm x 46mm x 2mm

15.10g Slice
67mm x 44mm x 2mm

13.31g Slice
64mm x 40mm x 2mm

12.06g Slice
61mm x 35mm x 2mm

76.4g End Cut
(Only piece of NWA 6704 that has a 'patch' of fusion crust, from original
490-gram piece)
(I will be asking a premium on this one)
68mm x 36mm x 27mm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/slices_frags/IMG_0015.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/slices_frags/IMG_0016.jpg

63.5g Fragment
45mm x 42mm x 23mm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/slices_frags/IMG_0017.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/slices_frags/IMG_0018.jpg

58.4g Fragment
59mm x 36mm x 17mm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/slices_frags/IMG_0019.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/slices_frags/IMG_0020.jpg

38.6g Fragment
28mm x 27mm x 22mm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/slices_frags/IMG_0021.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/slices_frags/IMG_0022.jpg

23.8g Fragment
30mm x 21mm x 16mm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/slices_frags/IMG_0023.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/slices_frags/IMG_0024.jpg

22.5g Fragment
32mm x 25mm x 15mm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/slices_frags/IMG_0025.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/slices_frags/IMG_0026.jpg

11.2g Fragment
30mm x 18mm x 12mm

9.334g Fragment
22mm x 20mm x 11mm

8.058g Fragment
25mm x 16mm x 19mm

6.7g Fragment
23mm x 18mm x 10mm

6.386g Fragment
20mm x 15mm x 10mm

5.446g Fragment
20mm x 18mm x 5mm

4.09g Fragment
26mm x 10mm x 7mm

3.988g Fragment
18mm x 12mm x 10mm

2.912g Fragment
12mm x 12mm x 10mm

2.416g Fragment
11mm x 11mm x 7mm

2.404g Fragment
17mm x 8mm x 5mm

2.322g Fragment
12mm x 11mm x 5mm

1.148g Fragment
11mm x 10mm x 6mm

922mg Fragment
11mm x 6mm x 6mm

814mg Fragment
10mm x 6mm x 7mm

802g Fragment
10mm x 8mm x 6mm

2023-gram Main Mass
12.5cm x 10.5cm x 9cm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0001.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0002.jpg
3) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0003.jpg

548-gram Fragment
11cm x 8.25cm x 4cm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0004.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0005.jpg
3) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0006.jpg

447-gram Fragment (This piece has one tiny 4mm spot of fusion crust, no
other pieces have any other than the end cut listed above)
11.75cm x 6.5cm x 5cm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0007.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0008.jpg
3) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0009.jpg

395-gram Fragment
9.5cm x 5cm x 4.75cm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0010.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0011.jpg

374-gram Fragment
10.5cm x 8cm x 3cm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0012.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0013.jpg

144-gram Fragment
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0014.jpg (Notice visible
metal on exterior!)
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0015.jpg
3) http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa6704/masses/IMG_0016.jpg

Special FREE Offers to List Members (limit one per person):
Purchases over $200.00 will receive a Polished Black 1cm "Hup?" scale cube
made of Tungsten Carbide, comes w/ velvet bag ($40.00 Value!)
see image here take with exterior surface of NWA 6704:

Purchases over $350.00 will receive a Polished Gold-Plated 1cm "Hup?" scale
cube made of Tungsten Carbide, comes w/ velvet bag ($50.00 Value!)
see image here take with exterior surface of NWA 6704:

Please email me Off-List for pricing. I will give first choice in the order
that I receive emails, so please indicate a First, Second and Third
preferences to be sure you get one of the ones you are interested in. I have
also listed several specimens under both of my eBay accounts; "NaturesVault"
and "AncientDiscoveries" (sorry, no slices there yet). The eBay offerings
have a somewhat higher price suggested.

Thank you for considering NWA 6704 for your scientific or collecting needs,
I appreciate it!

Best Regards,

Greg Hup?
The Hup? Collection
gmhupe at centurylink.net
NaturesVault (eBay)
AncientDiscoveries (eBay)(formerly 'NaturesVault')
IMCA 3163
Click here for my current eBay auctions, I have two accounts now:
1) NaturesVault - http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZnaturesvault
2) AncientDiscoveries (formerly 'NaturesVault') -

Original Announcement>>
Dear List Members,

Over the last four months I have been reorganizing my company to make things
easier for me in order to better serve the meteorite community. To start my
official Grand Re-Opening, I have the honor and privilege to introduce to

Northwest Africa 6704...
...a 'most intriguing' New Ungrouped Achondrite.

NWA 6704 is a most intriguing meteorite unlike any others known to man! Not
only does it have tremendous scientific value, it is one of the most
visually appealing meteorites with its dazzling display of yellowish-green
orthopyroxene crystals containing small grains of olivine and chromite
surrounded by large intercumulus grains of albite enclosing small grains of
awaruite (a rare very nickel-rich metal alloy). Oxygen isotope results plot
this achondrite within the field for acapulcoites-lodranites, but that is
where any comparison stops. NWA 6704 is unlike any other meteorite! If that
isn?t enough, this incredible meteorite contains an abundance of ?bubble
trains? within the orthopyroxene which appear to be devoid of fluid upon
initial inspection. Ongoing analyses are currently being performed to
measure the cosmogenic noble gases to determine its CRE age (time spent in
space) and to possibly detect trapped gases or even atmosphere from the NWA
6704 parent body!

Close-up image of the NWA 6704 matrix:

Bubble trains and cleavages in orthopyroxene (width of field 0.593 mm)

Bubble trains and cleavages in orthopyroxene (width of field 0.237 mm)

NWA 6704 has a Total Known Weight of 8387 grams in a single, naturally
fractured stone that was discovered in Northwest Africa in 2010. In their
eagerness to see what was ?inside? the stone, the Algerian finders
unfortunately broke the largest pieces, as can be seen in the image of the
reassembled stone below. Also visible are the natural breaks along extended
segment boundaries which have been sandblasted over time in the Sahara,
smoothing the edges on the largest pieces and a more ?rounding? of the
smaller fragments. Oddly, NWA 6704 is almost entirely devoid of visible
fusion crust; only a single 1.5cm x 2cm patch exists, raising questions as
to how this can be. Through a determined effort over a four month period,
the distributed parts were purchased by Greg Hup? and reassembled into a
single stone resembling a ?puzzle?. It is remarkable that the finders were
able to collect even the smallest of fragments!

Reassembled mass of the NWA 6704 ?puzzle? meteorite (measures 27cm x 16cm x

Close-up image of only fusion crust ?patch? on NWA 6704 (measures 1.2cm x

Thin section image of NWA 6704 in cross-polarized light (width of field 5

Officially accepted classification of NWA 6704 entered in the Meteoritical
Bulletin: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=53609
(Note: the TKW is 8387 grams with 42 pieces, entry errors should be
corrected soon).

Officially accepted classification of NWA 6704 entered in the Meteoritical
[TKW corrected here]
Northwest Africa 6704 (NWA 6704)
Purchased: 2011 Feb-May
Classification: Ungrouped achondrite

History: A single, dense, yellowish-green stone was found in pieces in
Algeria, and was purchased in February 2011 at the Tucson Gem and Mineral
Show and over subsequent weeks from Moroccan dealers by Greg Hup?.
Physical characteristics: Forty two pieces fit together as a single ovoid
mass (8387 g) with rounded, shiny exterior and small patches of remnant
black fusion crust. The interior is mostly pale yellowish green with rare
darker brownish grains and sparsely distributed small grains of opaque oxide
and metal.
Petrography: (A. Irving and S. Kuehner, UWS): Overall medium grained with an
igneous cumulate texture. Small grains of olivine (0.5-0.8 mm) and chromite
(0.1-0.6 mm) enclosed within large (to 4 mm) orthopyroxene oikocrysts, which
are in turn surrounded by large optically continuous, intercumulus grains of
untwinned albite and <0.1 mm awaruite. The silicates contain curvilinear
trains of tiny rounded inclusions (2-20 ?m), which appear on polished
surfaces to be empty bubbles with smooth rounded walls.
Geochemistry: Olivine (Fa51.6-53.2; FeO/MnO=120-140; NiO=0.9-1.0 wt.%),
orthopyroxene (Fs41.6-42.4Wo2.8-3.6, FeO/MnO=81-82; Cr2O3=0.3 wt.%),
plagioclase (Ab92-93An4-3Or4). Oxygen isotopes (R. Tanaka, OkaU): replicate
analyses of acid-washed material by laser fluorination gave: ?17O 1.015,
0.880; ?18O 3.922, 3.613; ?17O -1.048, -1.020 per mil.
Classification: Achondrite (ungrouped). This specimen is unlike other
achondrites in its combined features: relatively ferroan mafic silicate
minerals with elevated FeO/MnO ratios and anomalous Ni contents, extremely
sodic plagioclase, very Ni-rich metal, and oxygen isotopic composition that
plots within the field for acapulcoites-lodranites. Weathering is low and
limited to minor coatings of pale orange desert dust on broken surfaces.
Specimens: A total of 20.5 g of type material and two polished thin sections
are on deposit at UWS. The remaining material is held by GHup?.
Received on Tue 31 May 2011 01:47:01 PM PDT

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