[meteorite-list] New Meteorite find 2011

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Hi Doug,

No that is not a CAI,I wish it was. At best it may turn out to be a EL
5-6 worst case an OC. The exterior looked like many of the rocks in the
area and the magnet attracted to it like an LL OC as it did to
everything else.
The exterior just looked different than that of a weathered OC with no
visible fusion crust. Arlene suggested that I take a better look and
possible cut the suspected meteorite, I'm glade we decided, ok Arlene
decided to keep it : )


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Wow Sony and Arlene! It's hard to say anything about that since the
ringed paterns are lso heavily influenced by the progression of the
weathering... That wouldn't be a CAI by any chance, on the lower left
rounded edge of cut face, or is it just some uncut desert dust that got
in there?KIindest wishesDougKindest wishesDoug-----Original
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pmSubject: [meteorite-list] New Meteorite find 2011Hi All,Check out our
new 169.9g chondrite find made by Arlene Schlazer andmyself. We will
keep or fingers crossed on final classification : ) Ialmost tossed it
back, thanks Arlene for making me take a closer
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