[meteorite-list] AD: Special: Tribute to Vesta - Four different new and excellent Eucrites!

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Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 22:48:19 +0200
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Dear Collectors,

our autumn season we will start with a truly mighty Special.
These weeks and months we can say, that we all are captivated by the
incredibly fascinating and sometimes almost shocking pictures the Dawn probe
transmits through the outer space on our screens from this New World called
And with each new sight and capture for us meteorite lovers the eagerness
grows more unendurable, when finally the first mineralogical data will
arrive - and whether then we meteorite collectors could say to the hare: we
are the hedgehogs; We were already there.

So as a tribute to Dawn and a salute to Vesta we will reveal four different
new eucrites all at once,
each of them of such a discrete excellence and also of a quality, that we
can imagine, that it won't be that easy to make a decision, which specimen
to pick, from the kaleidoscope, we try to demonstrate with the diversity of
the Eucrite group.

Let us begin:

NWA 6970

With a tiny tkw of 15.5g only the smallest. A moderately shocked polymict
one, which exhibits an extremely busy small scale tessellate.
A very dense and compact material, polishing excellently. Internally fresh,
with fine spots of colourful inclusions.

NWA 6971

Displays gorgeous cubistic shock patterns! Straight and extremely angular
shock lines, triangular shock veins and whole slightly shock darkened
polygons - and that all in a perfect contrast to an almost Dho 007 looking
eucritic matrix. Glossy black fusion crust preserved.

NWA 6972

Disguises as a lunaite. As you can see it plays a mimicry of a fine
fragmental anorthosic breccia.
(And among these NWA 6972 chose the prettiest ones). A high diversity of
clasts and inclusions; Highly shocked and Stefan applied a wonderful
polishing. Note the black and granular fusion crust on the endpieces!

NWA 6974

Elitist extravagance.

The climax of our special.
A stone like we like it, cause it makes any words obsolete.
The Covergirl for any glossy magazine about meteorites or about Vesta.

A low shock allowed these different lithologies to merge together to that
Overwhelming variety of inclusions. Some weird, some black like coal.
Holding our breath now, we only still mention, that it wears a fresh black
skin of fusion crust all around (and while we are writing, we recognize,
that the price we chose is maybe a little bit too shy).

Enjoy the Art of Vesta!
Stefan & Martin

Chladni's Heirs
Munich - Berlin
Fine Meteorites for Science & Collectors

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