[meteorite-list] AD: New rare H/L3 and oriented NWA Chondrite

From: David Goettlich <David-Goettlich_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 21:58:45 +0200 (CEST)
Message-ID: <2138913319.1487395.1319399925073.JavaMail.fmail_at_mwmweb030>

Hey List,

I have some slices from my new H/L3 for sale.
If you check Meteorite-Bulletin you can see that there are only 11 other H/L3?s and from NWA there are 7 different H/L3?s.

I still don?t have a NWA number but the classification is already done so the number is not the most important thing.
All in all I have 11 nice slices which are very nice!
That are the infos from this Material:

S2, W1
Fa 14.2 (0.9-36.8), Fs 16.9 (3-27.2)

The price for the slices with a crack is little bit lower than the price for the slices which have no crack but there is no danger that the slices with a crack will break!!!

So here are the 11 slices:

-1) 16g - 177$ (with black inclusion)

-2) 17g - 188$ (with black inclussion)

-3) 19g - 211$

-4) 20g - 222$

-5) 24g - 266$

-6) 26g - 252$

-7) 28g - 272$

-8) 28g - 272$

-9) 29g - 282$

-10) 30g - 291$

-11) 32g - 355$

Contact me if you are interested in a slice!

The secound thing I have for sale is a fresh 480g oriented NWA Chondrite!
Its is really nice at the front side has the piece flowlines and at the backside it has bubble-crust. All in all it has all what a oriented stone need.
The piece has a break so that are 2 pieces which fit perfect together. The break is not fresh so I think it happened when it crashed into the earth.

Here are some pics:


For this piece I take offers so if you are interested contact me and than we can talk about price and I can also show you more pics of this stone!

Cheers David? IMCA #8343

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