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Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2012 13:43:11 -0700 (PDT)
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Hello Listers

I would like to thank everyone that submitted their answers for the POP QUIZ.

The question was:

Please tell me the meteorite sample that
Biot used to compare samples from the L'Aigle meteorite fall in 1803 in France.



I would like to congratulate Mal B for being the first to submit the correct answer :) and he will be winning a Sutter's Mill meteorite sample.

For those of you that like to read up on historic meteorite falls, I was able to obtain? the report done by Biot on the L'Aigle fall and tried to have it translated from french to english at google translator and abstracted the section the talks about the meteorite sample Biot took with him to L'Aigle. Enjoy the read :)

Shawn Alan
IMCA 1633

?Before starting my research, I thought it
necessary to classify systematically the facts on which (9)

I ought to direct my comments primarily and accordingly I met in the following

[From the existence of stone-cal weather in the hands of the inhabitants of the
country. / Pes traces or debris that would have been left or caused by the
meteor. [The mineralogical and geological circumstances of the country.
RDU testimony of those who

saw and heard the meteor. ^ From the testimony of those who heard the meteor
without seeing it.

^ From the testimony of those who, being at the scene, sought and obtained
information respecting the existence of the meteor and its effects.

Before leaving, I collected these questions all the information I was able to
procure. I prayed to the citizen Haiiy to kindly enlighten me with his
knowledge of what concerned the mineralogy of the country I was going to go.
The citizen Coquebert Montbret corresponding class, gives me the knowledge
which I needed were on the physical geography of the country. Finally the
citizen Fourcroy was willing to give me a copy of the letters he received the L?Aigle avpit relation to the appearance of the meteor.

I left Paris on 7 Messidor, taking with me ? a compass, a map of Cassini, and a
sample of the meteoric stone of Barbotan, which had been handed over to the
scene to our colleague Cuvier: I intended to use it as term of comparison, and
see what it originally assigner orient the inhabitants of the canton where you disquiet
he was dropped from similar.

But I went not directly in this very place. If the explosion of the meteor had
really been so violent that we annon?oit, we ought to have heard the noise at a
considerable distance. It was therefore consistent with the rules of criticism
to take first information in remote locations, on this extraordinary noise, on
the day and time that we had heard, to follow directions, and I be led by the
testimony until the very spot where it was said that the meteor had exploded. I
was to gather and to a large extent of country, comparable renseignemcns 5
because of the noise and the circumstances of the explosion, the evidence ought
to agree, somewhere they were collected. Besides all stories related to
meteoric masses are preceded their fall by the appearance of a ball of fire. It
was important to know if the meteor of the L?Aigle had been accompanied by the
same circumstances, and it was near the scene of the explosion that I could
make sure.

[meteorite-list] POP QUIZ FRIDAYS
Shawn Alan photophlow
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Hello Listers

I hope people are staying cool today,
its a scorcher out in NYC and across the country.

Today is POP QUIZ
FRIDAY and here's the name of the game.

Be the 1st Lister to email me
off the List with the correct answer and win a free Sutter's Mill meteorite
micro sample.


Please tell me the meteorite sample that
Biot used to compare samples from the L'Aigle meteorite fall in 1803 in France.

Good Luck :)
Shawn Alan
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