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I always think, that debates about laws are vain, as long as one has not the very wordings of the law at hand.
I don't have the Indian law at hand, neither I found anyone, who could show it to me,
even those, who echo the date from the paper "1885" seem not to have it.

I by my own found only the same words here:
Circular No.22-1777, dated 10th of July, 1869, by T.H.Thornton, Secretary to Government Punjab,
in continuation of circular No.13-975, dated 28th of April 1863,
wich is, full quote of the text:
?directing, that all Indian Meteorites shall be in future transmitted to the Trustees of the Indian Museum.?

I have no idea, whether that had a status of a law or whether it was only a service regulations to the administrative officers.

Both, that one and the quote by Schmitt say nothing about ownership, export, compensations ect.

Then -
India became independent in 1947 and in 1950 a republic.

I'm not sure, whether the old laws from the British dominion are still in place.

If they are btw. what does that mean for meteorites from Pakistan?


Hey reported in 1967 to the UNESCO Working Group on Meteorites,
that meteorites in India would be treated as "bona vacantia" as given in article 296 of the Indian constitution.

Find the article here:

It says that those ownerless objects found on the territory of India, of that kind, which before would be accrued to the King, will be property of the state or federal state.

Well, I'm not sure, who is meant be the "King" from former time.
Was it the English King George, Emperor of India?
And if so, was then British Law in place in the colony?
Because if so, then like still today in U.K. (compare the hilarious debate in the House of Lords about the "meteorite bill"),
finds of gold and silver belong to the crown,
all other you can keep.

Questions and questions...

Answer can give only the law, which is in place today.

But nobody ever saw it :-(

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Welcome back to posting. You have been missed.
You said;
"The information on India doubtful"
This law is spelled out very specifically and includes the words aerolites. How much more specific could you ask? . .
In what way do you doubt it?
As it stands right now. Anybody with India's meteorites in their collection has a tainted collection.
If this info is incorrect there are hundreds of people that would like this clarified.
Please provide proof that this law is doubtful. Site references or something.
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