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From: Greg Hupé <gmhupe_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 12:35:28 -0400
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Hello Folks,

It has been a little while since I have posted a new meteorite for sale. To
put a mid-summer smile on your face, I would like to introduce NWA 7266 ~
"The Cosmic Cookie". I posted a picture on Facebook some months ago and the
image coined the name: http://www.lunarrock.com/nwa7266/cosmiccookies1.jpg

NWA 7266 is a Monomict Eucrite Melt Breccia that is one of the most stunning
shock melt meteorites I have ever seen! I have sold the majority of
specimens and would like to make this first public offering of the last five
gorgeous pieces, please see here:

Note: All side 1) images are polished to 14,000 grit and side 2) of the
slices are polished to 120 grit.

106.73g complete slice (cs) - $4800.00 (Largest piece left!)
119mm x 112mm x 3.5mm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/GH-423/dscn0003.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/GH-423/dscn0004.jpg

62.44g cs - $2800.00
100mm x 91mm x 2.5mm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/GH-423/dscn0005.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/GH-423/dscn0006.jpg

61.75g cs - $2780.00
110mm x 97mm x 2.5mm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/GH-423/dscn0009.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/GH-423/dscn0010.jpg

53.3g cs - $2400.00
116mm x 91mm x 2mm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/GH-423/dscn0011.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/GH-423/dscn0012.jpg

3.5g part slice - $192.00
22mm x 18mm x 2.5mm
1) http://www.lunarrock.com/GH-423/dscn0019.jpg
2) http://www.lunarrock.com/GH-423/dscn0020.jpg

All sales will be on a First-come, First-served basis... Get 'em while
they're hot! ;-)

Best Regards,

Greg Hup?
The Hup? Collection
gmhupe at centurylink.net
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