[meteorite-list] "Is there any religion that invites.... (Burnham's Meteorites?)

From: Mal Bishop <magbish3_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 12:19:13 -0400
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Looks like he's holding a specimen in his hand as well, yes?

I'd love to know of the disposition of his collection as well.

I like you, Mike, would give a portion of my anatomy for one of Robert
meteorite samples as well. If you or anyone has a clue please keep me
in the loop as well PLEASE!

After Kevin whetted my appetite when announcing he was selling his set
of Burnham's Celestial Handbook ( I missed out on the ones he was selling),
I went directly to eBay and purchased a hardcover set in very good
condition to add to my library. Don't know why I hadn't purchased a set
long, long ago.
As much as I love astronomy and books, it just defies me why I didn't
have Robert's work in my collection till now.


On 6/12/2012 11:59 AM, Michael Gilmer wrote:
> Hi List,
> One last thing about this Burnham article. If you go to the bottom of
> the first page, there is a link to part two of the article. The photo
> at the top of part two shows Burnham in his "lab", surrounded by his
> eclectic collection. In the center is a white cabinet similar to a
> medicine cabinet. This cabinet is filled with meteorite specimens.
> You can clearly see them and their specimen cards. There also appears
> to be more specimens laying on the top of the cabinet.
> Does anyone know which meteorites these are? And does anyone know
> where these meteorites are now. I would give my right arm for one of
> these specimens with Burnham provenance. If anyone knows where I can
> acquire one of these, please contact me off-list and let me know.
> Such a specimen would have very special meaning for me.
> Best regards,
> MikeG
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