[meteorite-list] (meteorite) Sonic booms over coastal San Diego, CA

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I grew up down there (well, the growing up part is still debateable) and
sonics were a frequent sound....considering the flights around the

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>>>Possible bolide over San Diego County?<<
> If no meteor was seen, I wouldn't get too excited about sonic booms in
> the
> san diego, ca area. Before moving to northern california, I lived in the
> san diego area for over 30 years and mysterious sonic booms every 4 or 5
> years isn't too unusual. Although the Navy denies that they are the
> cause,
> I
> personally think they are. If naval training guns are fired about 100
> miles
> off the coast, sometimes they could be heard in san diego. But I think
> its
> a
> jet aircraft momentarily hitting the speed of sound somewhere over the
> ocean.
> GeoZay
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