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I like the part about asteroids orbiting Jupiter before the Earth formed!

Phil Whitmer

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> http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2012/10/30/rock-hunters-still-canvassing-northern-california-for-meteorites/
> With the threat of rain in the Novato area, desperate measures needed to
> be taken, so we went back to soliciting the locals to look for space-rocks
> in their driveways and yards -
> via the local TV news stations:
> Rock Hunters Still Canvassing Northern California For Meteorites
> October 30, 2012 6:47 PM
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> Reporting Neda Iranpour
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> NOVATO (CBS13) ? A light show hard to forget brought out rock hunters who
> are still canvassing Northern California days after the asteroid came
> crashing down.
> There are all kinds of rocks in parking lots and gravel in fields so how
> do they know what a meteorite is? Well, they say to look for something
> that stands out.
> It may look like a tar ball to us earthlings, but according to meteorite
> hunter Bob Verish, it?s a cosmic gem.
> ?It shows a history of having had some catastrophic collision in the
> asteroid belt,? he said.
> It?s a rock so foreign, so ancient, he says it was floating around Jupiter
> before the Earth ever formed.
> Rock Hunters Still Canvassing Northern California For Meteorites
> Bob Verish found this space ball worth about $10,000 while searching the
> Novato area in Marin County. (credit: CBS13)
> Two weeks ago, a big, bright flash danced across the sky, sending a glow
> show across half the state.
> ?We don?t get many falls like this in California,? he said.
> As impressive as it was when it crashed, that?s also why it?s so difficult
> to find its 4.5-billion-year-old parts.
> ?It came in at a lower angle. It spread out the stone,? he said.
> Only four pieces have been found in Novato and they?re worth $100 per
> gram. Bob?s weighs in at about 100, making it a $10,000 rock.
> It?s a true treasure for a man who once sent NASA probes to outer space.
> Now he?s probing this planet for galactic goods.
> If it jumps to his magnet, he says it?s likely out of this world. Bob?s
> now convinced there are larger pieces to this puzzle in Novato.
> ?We try not to think about the fact that it?s worse than a needle in a
> haystack,? he said.
> After searching several square miles, he?s convinced larger rocks are
> lurking.
> The search seems difficult and endless. They also have to speed it up
> because every time it rains, they lose some evidence and so people like
> bob are racing against the clock. There?s another storm on the way.
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