[meteorite-list] Admire Pallasite Destruction!

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Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 17:40:42 -0500
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Thanks List for all the great responces and opinions. Still have not heard
from the Seller. I did ask if he cut this specimen using Tap Water instead
of Distilled Water. Thanks for bringing up using Distilled water MikeG and
Adam. That is all I use whenever I cut my specimens and I have never had a
problem with a single one of my meteorites. I am not a big collector of
stony-irons or irons, but I do have some of these type in my collection. I
have been very selective on purchasing these type meteorites based on
stability, preperation and who I purchase from. This is the only meteorite
in all my years of collecting (Admire) that I had bad luck with. I have a
300 gm. whole stone of Nantan that looks as fresh as the day I purchased it
and that was 12 years ago! So I guess I was lucky and only tossed away $30.
Again I was reluctant to purchase this from the get go, especially knowing
the rust issues with Admire, but the Seller went to town so to speak on
insisting his specimens were stable. Lessons learned are like bridges
burned! Oh MikeG.....are you saying you heat your meteorites after cutting
at 250 degrees for 12-16 hours! Do you mean 12-16 minutes? Seems 12-16 hours
is rather overkill maybe? Just asking is all.
Don Merchant
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> Hi List and Happy Thanksgiving coming up to all of you. Anyways, I
> purchased a 6+ gm. slice of the Admire Pallasite in May of 2011 from an
> eBay seller with 100% feedback and of course I am not a fan of meteorites
> with a reputation as a Ruster! The auction by this Seller bragged about
> how well prepared and preserved his Admire specimens he was selling are.
> Well I reluctantly bought a Specimen for a $30 price tag. Well now all of
> you on the list can get a good laugh and view how well preserved this
> specimen was I purchased! I have posted this on my Website so just click
> the link below. If anyone else ran into this problem, contact me off list
> and we can email the Sellers name. I did just email the Seller on this
> issue and the link below to see for himself. Nothing as yet from him, but
> I just contacted him, so I will give it some time.
> http://www.ctreasurescwonders.com/admire_pallasite.html?r=20121118002710
> Sincerely
> Don Merchant
> Founder-Cosmic Treasures Celestial Wonders
> www.ctreasurescwonders.com
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