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Hi Steve,
        Thanks for offering the rarest of the rare, the Gibeon anvil slice. It is now the center piece of my collection. For a long time I have been looking to add a meteorite used as a tool to my collection and you finally made it possible. I can't believe that you have not sold out of these great slices. I think your offering is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
        I think that the intersection between man and meteorites is the most interesting part about studying meteorites. I mean I love what we can learn about the formation of the solar system from the study of meteorites. But I find it difficult to relate to a protoplanetary disk. However I can readily imagine what it must have been like to be the only kid on the block to be able forge iron. Finding some ?heavenly iron? must truly have been a gift from the gods back in the pre-iron age.
        I recall as a child wanting to touch a harpoon made from a piece of Cape York. When as an adult I learned that King Tut had a dagger made from meteoritic iron I thought how cool is that. I was disappointed when I learned that the fabled guns given to President James Monroe were not in fact made from Campo del Cielo iron meteorites despite stories to the contrary. The highlight of my trip to ASU was holding the barrete that Nininger purchased which was manufactured from a Toluca meteorite. You could still see the widmanstatten lines showing in the tool. Last on my list of great tool meteorites is the Tucson Ring. A beautiful meteorite made greater by being used as an anvil.
Now I own a meteorite that was a tool. I can see the deformed widmanstatten pattern and imagine the countless blows that it took in its life as an anvil. I can imagine the power and status that would flow to someone who could work these rare pieces of iron into useful tools and weapons.
Thanks again for allowing me to add a meteorite tool to my collection. I thought that they would forever be out of my reach.

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Hey List,

Just a quick notice, I do have a few more Gibeon Anvil slices up for
sale at the $499 sale price (marked down from $900). I was able to
re-polish them, re-etch them, get the acid in the cavities (squished
regmaglypts) neutralized this time around, so it would stop over etching after I wanted it to stop. And these look AMAZING now. 100% improvement. They even took fairly good photos. But like most irons, they still look better in your hand as you can turn them to capture the light just right with them.

Here are the new photos:


I also have what I feel is the best one remaining out of the batch up on Ebay on a 3 day sale here:


For those not aware, the story of this specimen was written up in the current issue of Meteorite Magazine and you can go back into the archives and read my comments about this unique piece.

Folks, this is a killer price. Grab one of these before they all get turned into knife blades!

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