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From: Jeff Grossman <jngrossman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 19:06:11 -0400
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For those of you who don't know, I contribute to this list as a private
citizen, but I work at NASA headquarters, with duties that extend to
oversight of curation and research programs. I will be reading all
posts on the list pertaining to this issue.


On 9/20/2012 6:37 PM, Jim Wooddell wrote:
> I have been in communications with the BLM on and off all day. Art,
> thank for the HTML reminder as I have been trying to post all day and
> thought I had this set correctly!
> Here is the first response:
> Dear Mr. Wooddell: The application fee is dependent on the time it
> takes for BLM to process the project proposal in the application. This
> would be determined by the field office manager after the application
> is submitted and reviewed. These fees would be estimated for you prior
> to the processing of the application, and would include monitoring
> fees as well. The permit application/ permit is 2920-1 attached; fees
> would be on page 2 when a permit is issued. Some examples of what the
> fees would be can be found on the following web site and one example
> is attached. http://www.blm.gov/wo/st/en/prog/more/lands.html You
> mentioned a ?nation-wide? permit in your email. BLM issues permits on
> a local level, and at maximum could be on a state-wide level, for
> lands that we administer in the Western States. Thank you,Lucia Kuizon
> ---
> I am not going to post their second response but they are now aware of
> some issues that may or may not change the wording.
> I feel it is imperative for NASA to reach out and support hunters on
> this issue in regards to the need to hunt fresh falls immediately,
> without delay of some permit process. While they are claiming media
> sparked this, most of us knew it was coming, just did not know when or
> how the wording would be.
> The current fee structure is twofold. 1. The application / permit.
> 2. The monitoring fee. Currently the fees will range from ~$100 to
> ~$1100 for commercial hunters....those seeking profit. This is based
> on their current cost recovery methods. I have both the application
> and the fee schedule as example based on the above response. If
> anyone wants them shoot me a private email.
> The big issue for hunters is that this will be based on a regional
> level where each district supervisor may or may not have special
> conditions, etc. Bottom line is that it will be required to have
> permits in different hunting areas and could greatly increase overhead
> for professional hunters. If hunters have to wait for a permit
> process during a meteor event that produces meteorites, I feel science
> looses.
> Regards,
> Jim
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