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Here is contact information for a few BLM people responsible for the poorly thought out and written rules. Perhaps the parties who caused this problem can contact them and straighten it out.?? Maybe explain to them that what they watch on television or hear in the media is mainly hype and they are not protecting milt-million pieces that can be found like Easter eggs at a Easter egg hunt.

Contact:?For questions regarding application of this policy, please contact Lucia Kuizon, National Paleontologist at (202) 912-7253 or lkuizon at blm.gov, or Frank Jenks, Natural Resources Specialist with the Division of Recreation and Visitor Services at (208) 373-3993, or fjenks at blm.gov.
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Paul H. wrote:

"Also, you may find state officials no different, or even
worse, than federal officials with which to deal. Be
careful for what you wish."

It is?easier to deal with locally elected officials who are at most 2 or 3 hours away from your home.? I have had success?having face time with state officials, but the Feds... hopeless.? They are often?inaccessible, unaccountable and won't give you the time of day.

Hopefully a balance can be struck between land conservation and meteorite hunting.? Surely there are some meteoriticists who appreciate the role hunters play in making new material?available for study.? Like others have said, I doubt these activist managers will bother to grant any commercial permits.? Will those in our community who have some authority step up and draft an alternative program, or make an argument that this will harm the advancement of meteoritics?


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