[meteorite-list] NWA 7325 - sensational new find - photos

From: Stefan Ralew <stefan_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2013 13:20:02 +0100
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Dear list members,

I know that many meteorite friends are waiting for photos of NWA 7325. As
promised, here comes a few photos of this absolutely unique new achondrite.
It is really surprising that in the history of meteorite research so far
only a single meteorite of this type was found. We have already many
kilograms of rare Martian und Lunar meteorites in our collections, but
nothing like this. NWA 7325 and appears to be a new type of planetary rock
and as far as I know, it is at the moment the only candidate for a meteorite
from Mercury. It is very different from all other know ungrouped achondrites
which are all more of less "primitive" . NWA 7325 is a exciting dicovery and
because of its uniqueness defenitely a "holy grail of meteorites".

The main mass of NWA 7325, a fragment with a weight of little bit over 100
g. Please note the amazing light-green fusion crust. Green and glassy fusion
crusts are known from a few Lunar meteorites but they all don?t have an
exterme color as this one.

Another view of the main mass with a broken surface and unusual dark green

A polished cut surface of NWA 7325 with wonderful green chromium diopside
crystals, surrounded by plagioclase and forsterite. The plagioclase is
almost transparent.

NWA 7325 consists of 35 fragments ranging from pieces under 1 g to pieces
with a weight of about 100 g. Probably all fragments of a single individual.
On the following photo is a smaller fragment with vesicular fusion crust.

By the way, I wish all Tucson visitors a wonderful time! I wish I could be
there. Hopefully next year it will be possible..

Best wishes,

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