[meteorite-list] Dunite meteorites?

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Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2013 18:29:23 -0400
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Hi All who showed interest so far in the 'only' Dunitic Ureilite, NWA 7630
(so far as I can see)!

I will put together a listing and photos over the next few days and let you
know what is available of this very cool Dunite.

Thank you for your interest!!!

Best Regards,

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Hi Jack and List,

Jack asked, "Wondering why no predominately olivine or dunite meteorites

I actually have two different 'dunitic' meteorites:

NWA 7822 Ungrouped 'Dunitic' Achondrite (>90% Olivine):
(This one has an extremely low TKW and just one piece is left on the web
site. The 5.93g slice that is marked 'Sold' will likely be split into 3 or 4
pieces so there 'might' be a couple small pieces available soon)

NWA 7630 'Dunitic' Ureilite (>90% Olivine):
(I do not have this one listed on my web site yet, but do have prepared
slices. Sorry, no images yet)

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Wondering why no predominately olivine or dunite meteorites exist? Does
this have something to do with proto planet size and crustal evolution?


Jack Satkoski

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