[meteorite-list] Full interview with Oxford University Professor Bernard Wood about an Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere on Mars

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Mars these days has some great new findings and it keeps getting better and better. I came across this website and there is a great audio interview by Professor Bernard Wood where he goes into detail on the conditions of Mars when there was oxygen. I have to assume, there had to be some form of life on Mars. Great example is ?ALH 84001, and I think that meteorite needs to be explored again, and the finds with the fossil bacteria remains that was thought to be nothing, might me something :) Down below is an except from the website and the link to the interview. Lastly, I wonder what some of the scientist on the List?think about this and the new information on the oxygen level found to be on Mars 4 billion years ago and how that ties into ALH84001?

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Article: Mars Once Had Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere


Wood described the Martian rocks from meteorites as geologically 'young', around 180 million to 1.4 billion years old, and those found and analyzed by the Spirit rover was from what was said to be very old part of Mars, more than 3.7 billion years old.
The principal difference in chemical composition between the meteorite and surface rocks that he and his team noticed was in the concentration of nickel.

Link: http://www.voanews.com/content/mars-oxygen/1713223.html

audio interview link: http://www.voanews.com/audio/Audio/311033.html???????????
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