[meteorite-list] (House-AD): Two special Chelyabinsk individuals with Brown Lee-side Crust - color-oriented!

From: Martin Altmann <altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 14:26:23 +0200
Message-ID: <003b01ce5ad5$67583150$360893f0$_at_de>

Hello there,

we have to share with you a pretty exciting observation.
It was here already on the list, that some of you found on the first-pick
Chelyabinskis places with a brownish, nevertheless fresh fusion crust. That
phenomenon btw. you had sometimes also on a few Tissints, there the brown
crust was even translucent (were horribly difficult to sell, because people
watching the photos were skeptical, thought, they wouldn't be fresh, but
weathered - and that, where no iron is present in Tissint to rust).

Many of you blossomed during the last 3 months into true
so please, pay attention to those two individuals and tell us your opinion:





Well, baffling, aren't they?

Both of them have a side, and ONLY one side, which is fully coated by the
brown crust,
while all other sides are black, as usual.


And here:

And you see, that the brown-side is framed all around by a lipping, which is
hence most would therefore say, only because of the rollover-lip, that the
stones are flight-oriented.
At least one can say, by means of the circular lipping around the edges,
that the stones had for a longer time a stable position in flight.
And that the brown side is the backside, the lee-side.

And what is striking, is, that the lipping overlaps the brown crust, hence
the brown crust must have formed simultaneously, while the front surface was

Now one could speculate, what could have caused that different crust - from
the chip missing in one of the stones, we see that the material beneath the
brown crust isn't special (anyway, on the sides the fusion crust for the
same material is black).
Thus maybe the different color could stem from a lack of oxygen, when it
melted, on the lee-side of the stone in flight, where one has a low
pressure/partial vacuum?

We think, one could even speak of a new category of orientation:


Well, if you like to have them, what shall we do with so special
Let's make 20$/g to be among the very cheapest Chelyabinsk-offerers,
+ 50cents for the lipping, where others would scream: oriented, oriented!
+ 1.5$/g for the fantastic "color-orientation"...

Makes 22$/g.

Fascinating, aren't they?

Your Meteorite House Team
Received on Mon 27 May 2013 08:26:23 AM PDT

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