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Hi Bulletin Watchers,

The Chinese are on a classification roll. First Xining is finally
classified. Now, after a wait of about 15 years, the 1998 fall
Heyetang is now official. Other new meteorites include some
achondrites and a pallasite from the hot deserts.

All new approvals -

Heyetang (L3) - http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=57473

Heyetang 27?14' 48.73" N, 111?19' 18.72" E
Hunan, China
Fell: late October 1998
Classification: Ordinary chondrite (L3)

History: In late October, 1998, Mr. Wen and his friends heard a loud
shrill sound and saw a fireball and subsequent landing of a meteorite
about 200 m away. The meteorite embedded itself in a recently
harvested rice field. The stone was said to be hot after being dug
from the hole. It was bought by IGGCAS in August, 2012.

Physical characteristics: The 2.5 kg meteorite is an almost complete
rounded stone covered by black fusion crust. Small light gray-colored
chondrules set in matrix are evident. Rust spots on the surface.

Petrography: (G. Wang GIGCAS. W. Shen and S. Hu, IGGCAS). Chodrules
100-1500 ?m in diameter, average ~300 ?m. The chondrules/matrix ratio
is about 5. The abundance of metal and sulfide is about 5 vol%.

Geochemistry: (G. Wang, X. Jiang and D. Wang, GIGCAS; W. Shen, S. Hu
and Y. Lin, IGGCAS). Olivine, Fa6.69-33.5, low Ca-pyroxene,
Fs1.70-40.3Wo0.09-5.71. Opaque minerals dominated by sulfide,
kamacite, and taenite with minor limonite. The average content of Co
is 7.1 mg/g in kamacite.

Classification: Ordinary chondrite, L3, S2, W1.

Specimens: Most of the sample is on deposit at IGGCAS. About 90 g of
sample is on deposit at GIGCAS.

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