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Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2014 04:52:16 -0700
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Correction *falling at a rate of about 1000'/min...
On 4/10/2014 4:38 AM, Jim Wooddell wrote:
> What I find interesting are the comments made on such things at
> trajectory of the object. As the camera is falling, it is not falling
> vertically. It is falling at a rate of about 1000 ft per second and
> gliding too. Because the camera was mounted on the helmet, it's view
> is whatever way the guy was facing.
> So, if you take an object, like a baseball and hang it from a string
> 30 feet in the air and then step back 40' and take a picture of it
> while standing on a 10 foot ladder, it's going to look small.
> Then if you take the ladder move it 10 feet closer to the ball and
> lower the ball from 30 feet to 25 feet and then climb the ladder but
> take the picture at 3/4 the height of the first picture, you will see
> the ball is bigger and the angle will be different making it look like
> it is moving on some arc or curve (in a composite of the two
> pictures), when all it did was drop vertically. You keep doing that
> and pretty soon you and the ball will meet and the ball will look
> bigger than it actually is. So the ball, with a perfectly vertical
> decent, will not appear to have a vertical decent. One can actually
> just draw this out with a pencil and paper without the need for a camera!
> Jim

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