[meteorite-list] Middle school students lobbying Kansas lawmakers to declare official state rock

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Since the discussion is on State Rocks... Here's mine.
Not exactly meteorite related but Astronauts are mentioned.

"North Carolina designated granite ("the noble rock") as the official
state rock in 1979. High quality North Carolina granite is used as a
building material for both industrial and laboratory applications
where super-smooth surfaces are required.

North Carolina has an abundance of granite. When Robert Gilmer found
the ?big white rock? on his newly purchased farm in Surry County in
1849, he was so angry that he insisted the seller reimburse part of
his money.

?The Rock? (as it?s known locally) became one of the first commercial
natural stone businesses in North Carolina and is now Mount Airy White
Granite Quarry, the largest open-face granite quarry in the world
(astronauts circling the earth can see it from space). Granite from
this quarry is gleaming, unblemished, and without seams to mar its

The North Carolina State Gemstone is Emerald
Although rare and found in just a few locations, Our Emeralds can be
quite beautiful. It was a NC Emerald crystal that was featured on the
2008 Tucson Show poster when USA minerals were the feature at the main
show that year. The Houston Museum acquired that specimen. It's value
at that time was over $900,000.00

The North Carolina State Mineral is Gold
The first USA "Gold Rush' was in NC and started in 1799 when gold was
discovered here. The Bechtler brothers produced the first gold coins
in the new world with gold from NC. The Charlotte Mint opened in 1835
to mint gold coins with the gold found here.


That's all for me on the subject of earth rocks for now.


On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 12:01 PM, Matt Morgan via Meteorite-list
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> A girl scout troop did this for Colorado, opting for the famous Yule Marble.
> See here
> <http://coloradogeologicalsurvey.org/education/state-symbols/state-rock/>
> Matt
> On January 28, 2015 2:38:04 AM MST, Shawn Alan via Meteorite-list <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> wrote:
>>Hello Listers
>>I hope it passes be cool for Kansas have a meteorite for a state rock
>>Shawn Alan
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>>SHAWNEE, Kan. ? A group of local middle school students are lobbying
>>to change state history. The students with Monticello Trails Middle
>>School, which is part of the De Soto School District, are headed to
>>Topeka to argue for an official state rock.
>>Chris Sprenger, an 8th grade student at the school, is determined to
>>make the meteorite the official Kansas state rock.
>>?The meteorite really has a connection with Kansas that it really
>>doesn?t have with any of the other states in the U.S.,? Sprenger
>>Sprenger and more than 100 other students in the district pitched the
>>bill to Representative Brett Hildabrand.
>>Lobbying for a state rock has challenged the students across the board.
>>In social studies they?ve learned how bills are passed, in science
>>they?ve learned about geology and rocks and in communication arts
>>they?ve spent hours working on their proposal essays.
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