[meteorite-list] Local to Las Vegas expert needed to rewiew afind.

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I gave up on a classification that was submitted in 2005. It was a fresh
type 3 oriented chondrite that my wife, Zann found. It was the very first
meteorite she ever recovered and it was a cold find. It would have been
serial number one but I think the unsavory practice of embargoing dry lake
bed finds interfered with the classification data being published in the

I no longer submit U.S. finds for classification. I prefer to keep
personally found meteorites whole and intact. Why cut a personal find when
the odds of it being published are slim, even with the data submitted by a
Nom Com recognized scientist? Mine stay in a box so that I can enjoy the
memories of the hunt at a later date.


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No Larry,
There actually is a problem.
John's "opinion" is a common misconception that I even held until I
personally learned of this recent trend.
This is a concern that others have shared with me, and has prompted me to
write on this subject in three
separate articles, which essentially said, "Hey, here are some US chondrites
that need to be classified."
Still haven't received any offers.

My request still stands.
I would like to hear from people with recent experience in this area that
can point me in the direction of
a cheap classifier that still accepts small, ordinary chondrites.
I suspect when I find one it will be outside the US.

Bob V.

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 Hi John, List,

 You may be right about not having a problem getting a US chondrite
classified, however,
 if it was found in the Mojave desert it is likely to get a number instead
of a name.
 Unfortunately, Nom Com will likely lump it in with the nearest DCA,

 I'm wondering how much longer it will be before the entire Mojave desert is
one big
 DCA like NWA?

 Larry Atkins

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 I'd love to see a photo also, but I live in Philadelphia so I won't be
 seeingthis in person. :-) That aside,I'm assuming from
 your post that this is a"chondrite" native to the
 USA, and not just another NWA. I have about 25
 NWA'sundergoing classification now, and I have more
 I'd like to get classified but itis indeed hard to find
 a lab that will work on NWAs that look like obvious OCs. I
 think that is a mistake on their part, because there are so
 many uniquethings to be found in meteorites.
 In my opinion, many labs would thinkdifferently about a
 "native" US chondrite, than an NWA chondrite. I
 do notthink you will have trouble finding a home for it if
 it is a USA find. Cheers,John

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 Local toLas Vegas expert needed to rewiew a find.I am in
 contact with a Las Vegasresident who has, by all appearances
 fair-sized, fresh chondrite. If you arewilling and able to
 inspect in person and get her stone into the system,
 pleasesend me your contact information for forwarding. Pics

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