[meteorite-list] Beware of dealing with Fayssal Mezgouri

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Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2016 12:42:33 +0200
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Hi list
I have same experienxes. In 2010 I bough from him 1100g surprisingly cheap
diogenite and received badly weathered LL6

      helle my friend
      here is the picture of meteorite i have look at the picture and let me
know .
      the big one is 1155 gr Diogenite like NWA1877
      kind regards

      Mezgouri Fayssal
      cell +212668693856

I lost 2200$ never get even a gram of weathered L6 as a refund. I send this
specimen back to Said Haddany to try to return it to Fayssal but this didnt
work so I pick it back and now its classified. Maybe I can get most of my
money back selling it.
There is soo many 100000% trusted persons in Morocco so no need to buy
anything from "dealers" like Fayssal.

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> Dear list members, Please beware of dealing with this Moroccan dealer.
> Five years ago, he cheated me out of $6250.00. I bought what was supposed
> to be a rare meteorite from him only to receive a weathered H5 chondrite.
> For four years I tried to no avail to get my money back even after he
> admitted to sending me a weathered H5 instead of the stone I was supposed
> to receive. I even had Aziz Habibi intervene for me to no avail. He made
> promise after promise after promise to return my money. I was even willing
> to take an equal amount of common chondrites instead of the money. If you
> send money to this Fayssal Mezgouri, you may find yourself out of a lot of
> cash. Jack Schrader
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