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There is no conspiracy except the one you have created to bring some misguided legitimacy to your story and your rocks.

You also do an immense disservice to our dedicated scientist and meteoriticists. They have no malicious intent to prejudicially reject your rocks. Their motive is furthering science not protecting the financial interests of dealers and collectors. You are accusing the same group of scientists who in recent years identified new Martian meteorites like Black Beauty. My point is that a new and exciting discovery would not be suppressed because it would benefit the scientist personally and the community at large.

If you actually looked at market trends, you would soon discover that prices for Martian Shergottites are falling because of an oversupply. Once you get past the 1 or 2kg the scientific community would EVER need, the rest would only be of concern for the collector community and the price would be set by any number of factors such as but not limited to supply.

Finally, I am offended that you refer to Tikkun Olam (repairing or doing good for the benefit of the world). You are doing quite the opposite and what is worse doing so for ego and personal benefit. When Yom Kippur comes, I can only hope that you will be honest with yourself, atone for lashon hara (derogatory speech) and move on.


Mendy Ouzillou

On Jan 15, 2016, at 1:59 AM, Ann Cain via Meteorite-list <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> wrote:

Meteorite List,

Both my sister Ann Cain (who opened the email account) and I, Glyn Howard, use the same email account:

Ann Cain, Glyn Howard

This has been a long time coming ... for many years now I have been a reader of the Meteorite List.

I know this discovery sounds Wow! Unbelievable. Surreal. Pick your adjective. But it is what is is. All the physical empirical evidences prove it. I'm not in fear of re-confirmation. I welcome it. I know what it is. It's all repeatable (empirical).

I appreciate well-known PhD members from the Meteorite List who have contacted me off-line. I will respond. Please give me time.

The evidence for the typical Mars meteorite key type specimens for this discovery:





The Gallery of US World Record Mars Meteorite specimens:


I will be putting-up/finishing the gallery of World Record Mars meteorite specimens by this Passover.

I do not want to hurt anyone's professional reputation. I'm not a mean or vengeful person. The full complete back story and certain people's identities will remain private. Just know there is a private history in the background of this incredible discovery and full story. Several very well known PhDs at Universities in the meteoritics community, who are meteorite analysts, members of the Meteoritcal Society, and perhaps at times over the years have even posted here on the Meteorite List, have held some of these specimens in their hands, have done tests. They know. I knew they were meteorites before I came to them. I knew that they were achondrites. However, at the time I couldn't prove the parent body. I didn't know how.

The moment I wasn't willing to share or reveal the discovery site is the moment the road-blocks, the walls, the disinformation began toward me. (Extrusive igneous Dacite, an evolved lava, is not a sedimentary rock! Lol.) We've seen this kind of behavior in the meteoritcs community before. It's nothing new, sadly. This is a dark history of the meteoritics world unfortunately. How many very rare important discoveries have been lost to the world of science and to mankind because those in research and academia have played unethical games of gate-keeping and have refused to just do their job and just do pure science and do the analysis honestly and ethically without games, without gate-keeping, without attempting to wrestle from the discoverer the original discovery site? The discoverer has a right to withhold the discovery site to guard their discovery and its full value, and to protect it. How many people over the many years couldn't persevere against this wall, this unethical gate-keeping because they didn't
have the prerequisite skills or knowledge and they weren't able to realize that they were lied to or purposefully fed disinformation, and as a result had to walk away and give up, with an incredible treasure of scientific knowledge and wealth in their hand? It could of been very different. It could have been a very cooperative process of discovery for everyone.

The original discoverer has rights. I've said it before , and I'll keep saying it ...

It takes discoverers to make scientific discoveries. Doing science and making scientific discoveries is not a crime. There is a right to protect discoveries and intellectual property.

"Contrary to their public image, scientists are normal, flawed human beings. They are as capable of prejudice, covetousness, pride, deceitfulness, etc., as anyone."
-- David Weatherall, "Conduct Unbecoming," American Scientist (Vol.93, January-February 2005), p.73

As it turns out I'm rather glad it happened the way it did. Nothing like purposeful road-blocks, gate-keeping, and disinformation thrown at me to motivate me to learn to how to do it myself. As the old adage goes, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. The Earth Sciences are my background. I have the prerequisite skills. It took time but I did it. I'm still learning. I never stop learning. I didn't do it in a vacuum. I had much help and assistance along the way, from very good, professional scientists and technicians who were very ethical and very knowledgeable and very helpful, and then they did their assigned jobs very professionally and willingly. One day when the story can be told completely in detail I will certainly call out personally all those who helped me. The others who didn't, I will anonymously thank for motivating me to learn meteoritics and to learn to do it on my own. I have enjoyed the scientific process immensely. Much more to come. And I can prove what I know.

Why when making the discovery of meteorites in the field, why then give away the scientific analysis and identification process to another? Why not learn how to do it for yourself so that your knowledge of the science of meteoritics increases? Why give away that joy of this discovery process? Sure I understand that many can't do it or perhaps they aren't interested in the whole scientific process, but I am. Why not go after the full credit for the full discovery -- from the field, to the lab, all the way to the publication? Sure there are tests I cannot do, others will do these tests afterwards. However, it doesn't change the fact that I made this WR meteorite field discovery, and in the lab I proved they are meteorites, proved the petrology, and then proved the Parent Body of origin for this achondrite meteorite find. The PB is Mars. I was able to prove all of this first. Others will re-confirm second. And others will go much further thereafter. There is an incredible amount of pure science about Mars to le
arn from this full discovery. I would like to be intimately involved in that with my full discovery. I'm sure this US World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery will make many careers for many scientists for a long time to come. NASA Houston Space Command will have to add another adjacent building to Building 31, or at least expand, just to store the new Mars material. I have no doubt about that.

If a tree falls in the forest and no-one is there to hear it or witness the event ... guess what it still fell! The event still happened and made a sound. Likewise the discovery of and the science of meteorites (meteoritics) still takes place outside of the formal controlling walls of The Meteoritical Society and official publication in The Bulletin. There will be time for that down the road.

When a World Record discovery occurs on this level, you do not give the keys away to the discovery. I have a right to guard my discovery and its full value to help the greatest number of people. It is possible to make incredible discoveries, do incredible and exciting science, and achieve social justice for many many people all at the same time. It's the right thing to do. I intend to do just that. There is a reason this discovery was given to me to make. Tikkun olam. Baruch HaShem.

Glyn Howard


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