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From: Greg Hupe <gmhupe_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2016 15:50:04 -0400
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Dear List Members,

Now that I am back from the two France shows and the Fourth of July holiday
weekend has wrapped up I would like to 'Officially' offer my NWA 5000
replicas. Since these are a Limited Edition, and I mean "Extremely Limited",
there are just a couple available. I sold the one I took to the Ensisheim
Show and it is destined for a World Class museum on the other side of the
globe from me. How cool is that?!

As mentioned in a post here June 14th, I interviewed and chose a
professional artist in the town where I live and she did a fantastic job on
these 'One-of-a-Kind' works of art. Thank you Judy! These were two years in
the making of my own personal time and great financial expense, not to
mention the dozens of hours of labor over a nine month period of time by my

Of the 'Limited' number of replicas I made of NWA 5000, most will be given
'Free of Charge' as a personal gift by me to my customers who purchased a
full slice or be kept in my personal collection (and of course the one I
gave to the Yale Peabody Museum!). My only hopes in making a couple of these
available for purchase is to recoup my great 'financial' expense in
producing them. I am sure my friends/clients will all appreciate my efforts
and gifts, a couple who have been patiently waiting for two years to receive
this compliment to their collections!

When I considered pricing these I kept in mind many things, first and
foremost was to keep them affordable and realistic. Considering all of the
financial and labor considerations, and the fact that these are all
'One-of-a-Kind' artworks, I believe I've priced these incredibly well and

Please find below the link to my Nature's Vault web site where the images
are located. Be sure to click on the first replica image to see eight more
views of these dimensionally full-sized replicas. The weight is
approximately 40% of the original before cutting:

Here is an image of my artist, Judy, who did a fantastic job:

Here are a couple images from the Ensisheim Show where one of the replicas
was appreciated by many:
1) http://www.naturesvault.net/Images/NWA5000/EnsiShow1.jpg
2) http://www.naturesvault.net/Images/NWA5000/EnsiShow2.jpg

Thank you for looking, and for those who appreciate our efforts or would
like to purchase, please reply! :)

Best Regards,

Greg Hupe
The Hupe Collection
gmhupe at centurylink.net
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www.LunarRock.com (Online Planetary Meteorite Site)
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