[meteorite-list] Another warning re sales to Italy

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You are absolutely correct. Many countries actually monitor the declared
values and keep a vendor list of those they suspect of cheating. I had a
specimen sent to Switzerland and customs actually took the specimen out,
weighed it and appraised it much higher than it sold for on eBay! I do not
blame the customer for refusing this package since there was a huge
difference between what it actually sold for and what customs thought it was
worth. Not only that, if you claim a low value and there is a discrepancy
between the declared value and the insurance amount, guess what, you just
made the list.

It is not worth fudging the numbers on these forms since you could very well
lose your ability to ship anything overseas or worse, lose what little
freedom you have left.

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> Hello All,
> From time to time I get an ebay buyer who asks/suggests that I put a low
> number on the customs value declaration. I always respond that in the
> USA it is unlawful and punishable by fine or imprisonment to falsify the
> customs forms, and if that is a problem they can request a cancellation
> of the sale. I even had one ebay buyer, after receipt of the package,
> try to give me negative feedback because the import tax was too high,
> and why did I not use a low value on the customs form like "all the
> other sellers". As much as I may sympathize with their angst over the
> import duty, it is not going to happen. I contacted ebay and directed
> them to her messages, and they promptly removed the negative feedback.
> Part of the problem are the sellers who enable this behavior. Word to
> the wise, it is not worth the risk...don't do it.
> Best regards,
> Daniel
> Daniel Noyes
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> I have had some overseas buyers ask me to lower the value on the customs
> declaration form. Some even threatened not to accept the package if I
> reported the correct amount. I always tell them that I pay more than my
> fair share of U.S. taxes so why should I assist them on cheating on
> theirs
> which is against the law. Some of these overseas buyers tell me that
> other
> U.S. vendors do it all of the time for them. U.S. taxes are among the
> highest in the world, especially when dealing in collectables which have
> no
> long-term capital gain advantage and are in the top tax bracket.
> Now, I put this clause in my descriptions:
> Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or
> shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please
> check
> with your country's customs office to determine what these additional
> costs
> will be prior to bidding or buying.
> I hope this helps,
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> Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Another warning re sales to Italy
>> Hi Doug,
>> Thanks for the kind words. However, I have saved all
>> The emails and believe me, there was absolutely no confusion
>> Re shipping - -clarified clearly (twice) that if Fed EX were
>> less than $50 I would refund him the difference and if it
>> were more than $50 he would have to agree to paypal me
>> the difference.
>> He stated I should not have put the "real value" on the shipment -
>> AFTER I had sent it - When Fed Ex turned out to be more, then
>> He complained he would have to pay the import fee and wouldn't
>> Pay any more for the shipping.
>> Kind and gentle is always best and I tried that for several
>> Posts to no avail whatever.
>> No, this is a clear cut case of being ripped off. I suspect it is
>> Our old "friend" as his approach is nearly identical and his English
>> Is similarly distorted. But whether it is or not the results are
>> identical.
>> I, too, like to think people are basically honest and live up to
>> Their commitments and I do deal with people that way and the vast
>> Majority of people in the meteorite community are that way.
>> Also, I do not believe for a second this is "typical of Italians" -
>> only two - and possibly only one - have/has acted this way. Every
>> Country has both the saintly and the cur.
>> Good to hear from you, Doug,
>> Michael
>> On 7/23/16 10:32 PM, "MexicoDoug" <mexicodoug at aol.com> wrote:
>>> Michael,
>>> How discouraging, as if doing what you love wasn't already a labor of
>>> love.
>>> Your customer appears to be a dedicated collector, exhibitor, lecturer,
>>> and
>>> dealer (involved with meteorites and as using them as raw materials for
>>> selling trinkets and watch dials, including to school children). You
>>> could
>>> double-check if it is not a miscommunication from your message exchange
>>> defining who was supposed to pay for what. The immediate problem was not
>>> Italy, as much as the expensive, secure shipping cost which you
>>> understood was
>>> to be paid by him as it sounds like he received the meteorite and you
>>> have a
>>> tracking receipt.
>>> Or, next time you are in Rimini, stop by this hair salon and go collect
>>> if the
>>> friendly approach doesn't pan out. Maybe settle for a seafood risotto.
>>> I'd
>>> make an appointment first and bring a bottle of wine _at_ (+39)3485447938.
>>> He
>>> really doesn't seem like a scammer!
>>> Kindest wishes
>>> Doug
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>>> Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Another warning re sales to Italy
>>> Why do people ignore warnings? Italy is notorious for
>>> scams and stolen packages.
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>>>> On Jul 23, 2016, at 6:36 PM, Michael Blood via Meteorite-list
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>>>> Hi all,
>>>> You all may recall that several years ago multiple
>>>> Dealers warned against sales to Italy. It seams at
>>>> Least one buyer was claiming not to have received
>>>> Shipments that were verified, not to have received
>>>> Money that was sent him, etc.
>>>> Unfortunately, I failed to head warnings about
>>>> Shipping to Italy. A different Italian contacted me (Or
>>>> At least one using a different name and email) and
>>>> I explained even Registered Mail seems to fail to
>>>> guarantee delivery in Italy but I somehow allowed
>>>> him to talk me into a Fed Ex shipment of a specimen.
>>>> I agreed, providing he send $50 shipping and agree
>>>> to pay any additional amount Fed Ex might charge.
>>>> Perhaps it is the same fellow from several years ago
>>>> Using a different name (he was so good at that Art could
>>>> Not keep him off the list because he would just join again
>>>> Using a different name and email). So, beware of:
>>>> "Davide Urbinati" <urbinati.davide at gmail.com>
>>>> Even though I scanned the receipt and sent it to him
>>>> He refused to pay the $59.79 Fed Ex charged me. So, I am
>>>> Out that $.
>>>> Believe me, I will never ship to Italy again.
>>>> Better luck to all of you,
>>>> Michael Blood
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