[meteorite-list] AD: mirror polished Thin Sections, Sidi Ali Ou Azza L4, fresh Eucrite, Millbillillie, MAgura, Kaba, HunPol2000 polarizing microscope in Ebay

From: cbo <cbo_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 14 May 2016 13:31:54 +0200
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Dear Meteorite Collectors!

Ending soon in Weekend my few auctions in Ebay. Lots of pieces are in very
reduced price!

See them here: http://stores.ebay.com/eurodome

or a representative selections here:

Super crusted Millbillillie eucrite, Australia 14.67gr individual 250USD -
very cheap!
Very nice possible NWA xxx Eucrite with black Fusion Crust 30.95 290USD

Historic Magura IAB-MG iron from 1840 with old Museum Label!!! small 50USD
its cheap
Historic Magura IAB-MG iron from 1840 with old Museum Label!!! 33.40 gr
1500USD big slice

Sidi Ali Ou Azza L4 witnessed fall chondrite from 2015
The 2nd largest mass after the Main Mass 96.38 gr 1500USD

Thin Sections - very reduced price from 35USD !!!
My all Thin Sections are one side ultra mirror polished!!!
Very rare types and quality, cheap pieces:

Gao-Guenie H5 35USD - cheap
Sidi Ali Ou Azza L4 99USD Awsome and big!
NWA 6169 L3.3 75USD with awsome BO chondrule
NWA 6289 LL4 39USD - nice
NWA 6293 Achondrite-ung 39USD - very nice
NWA 7309 CM2 very rare type 99USD
Chelyabinsks LL5 from 40USD - mirror polished

Lots of NWA xxx nice shaped chondrites from 35USD

Flight marked NWA chondrite, stunning, 629 gr 499USD

Kaba historic CV3 from 1857, Hungary (no in Market!!!) 550USD - with CAI-

and lot of (over 110 pcs polished Thin Section off EBay). Interest in PM.
Big Rizalite from Philippines, Paracale District 99USD

Moldavites, etc...
HunPol2000 portable polarizing microscope for meteorites Thin Sections 149
HunPol2000 portable polarizing/reflected microscope 2in1 model 270 USD
Best Regards!
Zsolt Kereszty
IMCA#6251, MetSoc
Received on Sat 14 May 2016 07:31:54 AM PDT

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