[meteorite-list] Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis and Missoula (Spokane) Megafloods (Paul)

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Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2017 16:53:00 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi Paul -

Thanks for the links to the new paper.A few notes:1) If you remember, fast neutrons are produced in large hyper velocity impacts.If you do not remember that fast neutrons are produced in large hyper-velocity impacts,
you can always watch my YouTube video on the "Peopling of the Americas".
This being the case 10Be production is going to be affected as well,and thus the 10Be dates given in the paper will have to be looked atfor calibration problems.
2) If you remember, there were TWO impact events at the start of the Holocene,so the interval between them can be used as a check on those 10Be dates.
If you do not remember these TWO impact events, you can read the materials
and here:
3) I will be working my way through this paper in detail,but it looks like the first flood lines up roughly with the first impacton the ice sheet, shown in the first link above.

While the Coderilla may have been slightly affected,You seem to think that a rise in Pacific Ocean temperatures led to
general melting of the ice sheet.
My hypothesis is that the earlier warm Pacific Current led to
warm moist air over Canada,
which in turn led to snow,
which in turn led to the reflection of solar energy back into space,which led to the Earth cooling.
Thanks for not lumping me in with Hancock and Collins,nor asking me to defend their works in any way.
good hunting,Ed
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