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Hi Bernd and all,

Your right Bernd, the Camel Sweat story does go with the EL Hammami
Meteorite. No doubt other many specimens have been packed out by
camels also.

Good to see you on the list Bernd!

--AL MitterlingMitterling Meteorites

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> Hi Paul, AL, and List,
> AL wrote:
>> The blue halide crystals were found early on in Zag. I believe
>> were found in other meteorites (Monahans, Tx?) but information has
>> way of finding it's way back into the public eye.
> Correct! The Monahans (H5) and Zag (H3-6) meteorites are the only
> meteorites known to contain *liquid* water. The water was found in
> salt crystals inside the meteorites.
> Monahans (1998) contains contains blue crystals of halite (NaCl)
> and sylvite (KCl).*
> *GIBSON Jr. E.K.? et al. (1998) Monahans (1998) H5 chondrite: An
> unusual meteorite fall with extraterrestrial halite and sylvite
> (Meteoritics 33-4, 1998, A057).
> AL also wrote:
>> Yes, they were packed out by camel and the
>> camel sweat story was a part of the story.
> Doesn't the camel sweat story belong to El Hammami (H5)???
> Best from Germany,
> Bernd
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