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Date: Sun, 6 May 2018 15:35:30 -0400
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Hello all List members

The Ensisheim Show is barely 6 weeks away, and here is everything you need to know about it directly from the organizer, Zelimir Gabelica.
Please email him very soon if you have questions. Or you can email me and I will try to answer them.
19th ?ENSISHEIM METEORITE 2018? Show news for dealers (May 02, 2018)

Dear meteorite friends,

As already announced earlier this year, the 19th meteorite show is exceptionally and provisionally moved to another nearby building, due to important work being done in the Palais de la Regence where an elevator is being installed. This works will not be finished until early in 2019.
This clearly supposes that next year, the Show will by all means take place again in the unavoidable Palais de la Regence Palace to celebrate in a worthwhile manner the 20th anniversary of the Show.

Unfortunately, the genuine Ensisheim meteorite, normally in the Regency museum, will not be visible this year, but a life-size plaster cast will be displayed in the Gymnasium hall.

The address of the provisional show hall is:
Gymnase Communal, 20, Rue des Tourterelles, F-68190 ENSISHEIM.

The new ?Sports Complex? is located in the middle of a large park, about 250 m (? as the crow flies?) from the Palais de la Regence.

The map (see attachment) is showing the Gymnasium location in respect to the Palais de le Regence. Just follow the arrows if you are walking or driving.
The previously announced itinerary through the Rue de Colmar is also correct but not advised because of street works.

The 2 main buildings (the Gymnasium and the Elisatia halls) as well as the parking places will be clearly signposted.

The ?Gymnase Communal? consists in a large 40 x 20 m sports hall where all the tables are aligned along the walls and also in two double rows surrounding the middle ?Consignment Room? including a small bookshop table.
Something resembling the Munich show layout.
All tables (still 160 x 80 cm) are equivalent but barely lit by sunlight through skylights so additional lights of your own are strongly recommended.
Please bear in mind that only LED bulbs are acceptable, with a maximum power of 100 watt per table. Other bulbs are henceforth prohibited.

I will try to arrange the layout of the tables as it was in the main Regency room, respecting as much as possible the presence of the usual neighbors in each case.
The new hall is large enough to accommodate all the 2017 participants and about another dozen of possible newcomers.

It has always been our policy to give to all past dealers priority when it came to reserving the table(s) they had the preceding year. Those who did not come in 2017 have lost their priority and should consider themselves as ?newcomers?.
However, since this year we could set up 70 tables in the new hall, I am confident that most of the newcomers who asked for tables will get accommodated.
Those of you, who had booked tables in 2017, please tell me quickly whether (or not) you confirm your coming again this year. If yes, specify how many tables you want to rent.
I insist that if you cannot make it this year, you should notify me that you wish to cancel. This is very important and absolutely needed so I can immediately assign tables to those who are on the waiting list.
Contrary to the regular exhibitors, tables for newcomers are attributed on a ?first come, first served? basis.

Table specification:
The new hall can accommodate 70 tables, all equal in size (160 x 80 cm).
Price per table (not per meter !) as in 2017: (1 table = 170 euro; 2 tables = 320 euro; 3 tables = 450 euro; 4 tables = 600 euro).
Payment should be done, as usual, at the reception desk.
Cash in euros. French checks tolerated, no credit cards.
(Note: payment conditions will be reviewed for the 20th show in 2019)

For table reservation, just e-mail me: zelimir.gabelica at uha.fr

Nobody can enter the Gymnasium hall without badges that will distributed only after payment. All dealers as well as their assistants must absolutely wear their own named badges at all time when they are inside the hall.

Badges are attributed on the following basis:
1 table reserved = 1 or 2 badges attributed;
2 tables, up to 3 badges;
3 tables, up to 4 badges,
4 tables, up to 5 badges etc.
Extra badges (than allowed) can be exceptionally granted for an extra fee of 10 euro.

I will need the full names and the country of origin of all the dealers and their assistants as soon as possible, so we can prepare the corresponding badges in time.
People without badges are not considered as dealers, cannot occupy tables, nor are allowed to enter the hall on Friday (Dealer?s Day), nor sell meteorites elsewhere within the buildings or over the Gymnasium park.

This year Show dates are (as usual, this is the week preceding the Ste-Marie Mineral & Gem show):
- Professional day: Fri. June 15: 10:00?18:00 (exclusively open to dealers with badges)
- Public:
        * Sat. June 16: 9:30?18:30 (dealer?s access to the hall possible from 7:30)
        * Sun. June 17: 9:30?16:30 (dealer?s access to the hall possible from 8:30)

Entrance fee
* Saturday & Sunday: 5 ?
* Sunday only: 2 ?
* Children under 12: free

Consignment Tables: = space where organizers & guests coming from far away are offering for sale at a friendly price their ?extraterrestrials?.
These extra tables are now located in the middle of the hall, the probable ?meeting point? for everybody.
Those who are interested in renting a small space on those consignment tables, please contact me and, if possible, specify approximately the amount of space desired.


Starting now, please send me your reservation(s) for the FRIDAY DINNER PARTY (send them only by email, zelimir.gabelica at uha.fr with the number of people, their names and specify the country).
This reservation is not a strict control but helps the cooks to prepare the appropriate amount of food.

The dinner on Friday June 15, in the Elisatia building, starts at 20:00. (with the possibility to move the tables outside if the weather cooperates).

Just like last year, the dinner menu will be a ?chef?s special? (to be specified later, or on request) Vegetarian menu possible, but please ask.

May I suggest you don?t wait too long before you decide to attend this ?unavoidable? and fun event.
Let?s say it better: ?please hurry up?!

Further details on accommodation, maps and traveling indications, hotel list & reservation possibilities, induction ceremonies, food, accommodation, wine sales, lecture(s), Friday Dinner Party etc? will be provided on the official show flyer that will be ready very soon and put on the Ensisheim City web site.

We are preparing a warm welcome for everybody attending this ?not so ordinary? 19th meteorite show in Ensisheim.
Now I am hope to receive news from many of you as soon as possible and I remain at your disposal to provide you with any kind of additional information.
Thank you for your interest.

My ever friendly regards to everybody.


Anne Black
impactika at aol.com

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