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From: Matt Morgan <mail_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 09 May 2018 16:24:35 -0600
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I will take Murchison.

On May 9, 2018 3:09:23 PM MDT, "Malvin O. Bishop, Jr. via Meteorite-list" <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> wrote:
>Hello list,I decided to part with a couple of my books that I've
>collected over the years.For now I have 2 books I wish to sell. Also,
>selling a few more specimens at roughly 50%off AND LOWER of current
>market values.I really need the money for some very personal needs that
>are much more important than my meteorite collection.This the reason
>why I am very willing to part with some more of my specimens at near
>50% off the current market valuesand even more than 50% off in some
>instances! Many thanks in advance from ALL of you good folks out there
>for your time and interest!1) The first is an excellent autographed
>copy of 'Find A Falling Star' by Harvey Nininger. It is also inscribed
>by Herbert Fales and dated Feb. 14, 1973. The book was published in
>1972.This book is in excellent to near mint condition. Asking $500 or
>best offer.2) The second book is 'The Cambridge Encyclopedia Of
>Meteorites' by O. Richard Norton. This book is in BRAND NEW
>conditionand still in its original shrink wrap! I am asking $300 or
>best offer.3) Tulia(A) (H5 Chondrite) -- Beautiful and standout
>solid, hefty 5mm thick Full slice (found in 1917) -- 462g --
>$800.004) NWA 7654 (L5 Chondrite) -- Huge Full slice and only 3 or 4
>were cut and polished like this -- really awesome medium gray
>specimen! (found in 2012) -- 492g -- $1,000.005) Sikhote-Alin
>(Iron, IIB) -- Very nice shrapnel gun metal blue specimen (Fall,
>Feb. 12, 1947) -- 552g -- $1,100.006) Juancheng (H5 Chondrite) --
>Very nice rich black crusted fragmented specimen (Fall, Feb. 15, 1997)
>-- 264.7g -- $794.00 ($3.00/gram)7) Bilanga (Achondrite,
>Diogenite) -- Whole slice mounted in Riker mount display box, Bilanga
>possibly originated from asteroid Vesta 4 (Fall, Oct. 27, 1999) --
>4.1g -- $123.00 ($30/gram)8) NWA 5000 (Lunar Highlands Gabbro
>Meteorite) -- Very thin part slice and highly brecciated, purchased
>directly from Greg Hupe -- 1.028g -- $308.00 ($300/gram)9) NWA 8632
>(Lunar) -- Lunar Mare Basalt, end cut -- Porphyritic Texture, thin cut
>-- 1.24g -- $310.00 ($250.00/gram)10) Tissint (Martian, Shergottite)
>-- thin slice (22 x 21) with crust (Fall, July 18, 2011) -- 1.13g --
>$339.00 ($300/gram)11) Gao-Guenie (H5 chondrite) VERY Gorgeous whole
>stone 100% rich, dark crust! (Fall, March 5, 1960) -- 530.9 grams
>-- $796.00 ($1.50/gram)12) NWA xxxx (unclassified stone) -- found
>in 2002 -- Very large heft solid whole specimen with rich patina --
>1,935 grams -- $967.50 ($0.50/gram)13) Mbale (L5/6, chondrite) --
>Large surface area to weight slice with nice crusting and shock veins ,
>mounted in a Ricker mount display box -- (Fall, Uganda,
>8/14/1994) -- a boy was struck by a fragment of this Fall, and ground
>pieces of stone were ingested as a cure for AIDS! -- 5.2 grams --
>$100.00 14) Holbrook (L/LL6, chondrite) -- "Holbrook Pea" (~ 6x6
>mm) from Harvey H. Nininger collection mounted in Riker Mount display
>box (Fall, July 19,1912, Holbrook, AZ) -- $100.0015)
>Bassikounou (H5, chondrite) -- Very nice FULL slice with rich dark
>crust and some shock veining (Fall, 2006, Mauritania) -- 18.6 grams
>-- $65.00 ($3.50/gram)16) Murchison (CM2, carbonaceous
>chondrite) -- very thin slice (13.2mm x 20.5mm x 2 mm) mounted in
>nice display case with nicely printed information about
>Murchinson on the back (Fall, Sept. 28, 1969) -- 1.15 grams --
>$57.50 ($50.00/gram)17) Beni M'Hira (L6, chondrite) -- Beautiful
>full slice with rick dark crust and shock veins! (Fall, Jan. 8, 2001,
>Tunisia) -- 17.41 grams -- $60.00 ($3.50/gram)18) Zag (H3-6,
>chondrite) -- Wonderful full slice with rick dark crust AND highly
>brecciated! (Fall, August 4, 1998) -- 86.6 grams -- $346.00
>19) El Hammami (H5, chondrite) -- Very, very nice AND clean full
>slice ( read: NO RUST from Camel sweat during transport from strewn
>field like many pieces had happen), some nice black crust
>and metal veining! (Fell, August 10, 1997) -- 96 grams -- $192.00
>($2.00/gram)20) Bilanga (Diogenite, achondrite) -- Full slice with
>a tiny bit of crust. Possibly originated from asteroid 4 Vesta!
>(Fall, October 27, 1999) -- 4.1 grams -- $123.00
>($30.00/gram)Thanks for your time and interest!Best to all -MalIMCA

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