[meteorite-list] Skull carved in Gibeon (not still published: strange!) (PAOLO CONTE)

From: José Antonio Sánchez <jstarmet_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2018 13:50:32 +0200
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Dear Paolo and List

That is the objective of a list, intelligent discussions, but keeping the
proper forms, I say it for the adjective used towards those who defend the
skull of Gibeon.

Indeed, I agree with you that the sections and slices contribute to knowing
the interior of the meteorite, it also allows to have a sample of something
relatively scarce, in that, we are surely, all agree.
Criticism is when you take a specimen of 20 grams and you make crumbs of
millimeters, where it is impossible to know its origin and nothing
contributes to science, not even to collecting, has been forever destroyed
specimens that are hundreds of years old and is made with a single purpose,
personal gain, which also favors the deception of some clever people who
sell these historical crumbs when they are not. This is in my opinion a
deplorable image, which does not favor the meteorite trade.

With respect to the skull, you will agree with me, that beauty resides in
the eye of the beholder, for someone, a diamond can be beautiful, for
others a meteorite and for a mathematician the symmetry, like beauty, other
issues depend on the eye that looks at it, so if I see a Michelangelo
Merisi da Caravaggio painting with a naked angel I see art of the best,
however, someone thought of painting trousers to God, angels and sibyls of
Michelangelo, in the Sistine Chapel, because I considered them offensive.

With this, Paolo, I want to tell you that the same beauty exists in making
a perfect sphere with a skull, the beauty lies in the eye that observes it
and I understand that you do not like it, I would not have preferred a
statue of Miguel Cervantes or the Temple of Emesa, but we must respect the
individual taste of each one, when it tries to make art and beauty, that
does not destroy a good that is scarce for science because it is a massive
fall, contrary to the example I gave it the millimetric crumbs in
historical meteorites.
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